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Transcript: Mike Smith postgame interview


"We came into the game tonight wanting to take a good look at a lot of guys. I thought that we got an opportunity to do that tonight. I felt like we played fast early on in the game and I thought we made some plays on defense. I felt like we had way too many mistakes. We had opportunities to make explosive plays and had one called back, a touchdown, on a holding penalty. We also had an opportunity to catch the ball down field - it looked like a sure touchdown. When you have something like that happen, it usually comes back to haunt you and it really did."

On the late decision to sit the starters:

"I had a pretty good idea early in the week what we wanted to do. It was one of things that we wanted to make the decision closer to game time. We felt that it was important for us as a team to make sure that we do everything in our power to be ready for the Pittsburgh game on Sept. 12 and we thought this gives us the best chance to do that."

On how ready they are for Pittsburgh in his opinion:

"We haven't started doing any game planning yet. We will start that tomorrow evening after we evaluate this tape and make our personal moves, but we have a lot of things we need to correct. The preseason is for evaluating players, but it's also for working on new things systematically that you want to integrate in your offense, defense and special teams for the upcoming season. We have a lot of things that we need to get better at in all three phases."

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