Transcript: Mike Smith post-practice interviews


On getting back out on the field after the day off Saturday:

"I thought it was a really good practice. Our guys came out and we wanted to get a little padded work in, even though we're less than 48 hours from the end of our game. We got that for a couple of periods and then we took the pads off. I thought we got a lot accomplished in those first three periods."

**On the status of OT Tyson Clabo:


"Tyson, and then there's a number of the other guys that got tweaked during the ball game. We just held him out. We anticipate Tyson will be back out here tomorrow or even possibly this afternoon. Like I mentioned before, if it's a major injury, I'm going to talk about it. If not, everybody's beat up and tweaked this time of the season."

**On whether or not it was the game plan to run the ball as much as they did during the Kansas City game:


"We never put a number of runs and passes on a drive. We went in the game with the intention of our first unit of running the football and I thought that we ran it very effectively. Eight out of the nine plays before we kicked our field goal were runs. We didn't have any issues with running the football. We kept running it. It wasn't structured that way but we did want to establish the run early. We knew that the first team was only going to play two series and we had another idea what we wanted to show in the second series. I was really pleased with that first unit's ability to run the football."

**On the help that TE Tony Gonzalez provides for the running game:


"We ran the ball very effectively in 2008, and [our opponents] were trying to stop us from doing that. Tony does bring another element into our offense. The tight end position basically is going to create what happens, whether you're going to get seven-man spacing or eight-man spacing. The thing that we try to do is we try to formationally put us in the situations to best throw the ball. Conversely, when we want to run the ball, we want to do it formationally as well."

**On the defensive tackle rotation during the Kansas City game:


"I thought that we did a good job with our rotation. We wanted to keep our guys fresh. We've been down a little bit at the defensive tackle position here in training camp with some injuries, so we wanted to make sure that nobody got too many snaps. We didn't want to expose them early to too many snaps. I thought the rotation went well. There were some positive plays by all the tackles. I thought DT Trey Lewis looked more explosive than he has over the last two years. I thought DE Jamaal Anderson had some good rushes and for the first real competition, I thought DT Corey Peters did some really good things as well. Even though DT Jonathan Babineaux only played six snaps and our first group really only played the first two series, I thought Jonathan was very solid as well. It's going to be interesting. DT Vance Walker came in and gave us some really good snaps as well. I think we have some depth there at the position."

**On a potential open competition between QB Chris Redman and QB John Parker Wilson:


"We know what Chris can do. Chris has been our backup quarterback for the last two years. Last year, he came in and played well for us. We want to make sure that we give J.P. Wilson every opportunity to advance his game. I think that you can never have too many quarterbacks and we're going to try to give J.P. as many exposures as we can, especially in the preseason."

**On the play of CB Chevis Jackson during training camp:


"I thought that Chevis, playing our nickel for the most part, has done a nice job. Chevis has been a guy that has started for us in the past and I thought that he had a big play on the interception. That was a big play to get the ball down inside the 10-yard line on the interception. I thought that he read the route very, very well and he undercut the receiver. Chevis is a third-year player that's been a starter from day one; lost his starting job last year to DB Brian Williams. Brian got hurt, [Chevis] came back in and played well for us. Chevis is a team player that has done everything that we have asked him to do."

**On the progression of veteran S Erik Coleman:


"Erik is a guy that is in the third year of our system, but he's been in the League for six years. The thing that you want to see is, you want to see him take control of the secondary simply because our safeties have to make a lot of calls based on the formations that are presented to us. I think he's feeling a lot more comfortable. I like the way that he's played in this training camp. I thought that he had some good plays in the ball game the other day. I would be remiss to say, guys, we have just started to scratch the surface in terms of making the corrections. We met this morning for about an hour and a half with our players and we probably didn't get through half of the tape. We're going to spend a good part of this day and possibly into tomorrow making the corrections. The first preseason game, there are a lot of things that we have to get corrected and a lot of things that we can do better."

**Can you tell us about the moves that were made on the roster today?


"We had one move with the release of one of our kickers. We brought back a corner. We felt like where we were in terms of numbers and bodies that we needed to bring in a corner. We felt good about how the competition in the kicking position was going, so we went ahead and made that move today."

**Is that a declaration of a winner at the kicking position?


"Yes, I would say that is the conclusion that we came to."

**Did you bring somebody new in?


"We brought somebody in this afternoon. We brought back CB Gabe Derricks. This time of the year as you get a game underneath your belt there could be other moves coming as well. That is the nature of what happens here at training camp."

**Is K Matt Bryant able to relax a little it now?


"No, you cannot relax in this business, especially if you are kicker in this League. You are evaluated on every kick, so we are going to continue to evaluate him. I thought that the player we released today is a very talented player. But in our judgment we thought that Bryant's experience, not only in the game but in the OTAs, we felt that he is our kicker at this point and time."

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