Transcript: Mike Smith Post-Practice Interview

On preparing for QB Peyton Manning:

"The most important thing is we have to play sound technique and make sure we're in the right place. If you're in the wrong place by a half yard you're going to pay for it. He has a good understanding of how you're trying to defend him. If you give him pre-snap reads he's going to know where to go with the football."

On replacing CB Brent Grimes:

"In terms of our base defense, [CB] Dunta [Robinson] will move to the right corner position and CB Christopher Owens will move into the nickel spot."

On the injury report:

"We've got three guys on our injury report. LB Robert James and WR Roddy White were limited and so was LB Sean Weatherspoon. We've got a knee with Robert James. A groin with Roddy White and Spoon a hamstring."

On how different Denver's offense is from last year:

"I think there are parts of it that are the same and there are things that are different. Obviously, the passing game is different and some of their base run plays. That's probably the biggest difference. They've got a guy back there that can really operate."

On looking at some of the old Indianapolis film:

"I think some of the concepts that have shown up in the preseason indicate there is some of the Indy passing game as well, so yes, we studied some of the Indy stuff as well."

On the importance of keeping the ball on offense to keep the ball away from Manning:

"You definitely want to take advantage of the ball when you have it. You want to make sure you score touchdowns or you end a drive with a kick. You don't want to end a drive with a turnover and lose a possession. It's important because if they're playing efficiently and moving the football you may have to match them drive for drive. That's the beauty of the game. Sometimes it's going to be that way and the offense will have the upper hand. Other games the defense will hold the upper hand."

On how big of a test this is and possibly doing a little more conditioning this week:

"I don't think any more conditioning. These guys it doesn't matter if we're playing at one o'clock, seven o'clock, Friday night, Saturday night, or Sunday night they're going to prepare and be ready to play. It just so happens the schedule makers have the game on Monday night so we have an extra day for our preparation."

On protecting QB Matt Ryan against the Broncos pass rush:

"We did a nice job and hopefully we can continue that way of playing. These two guys are really good edge rushers. Between the two of them, they had 21 sacks last year so they bring it. They put a lot of pressure with the four man rush because they have two very good edge rushers."

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