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Transcript: Mike Smith Post-Practice Interview


**On Kelvin Hayden returning to practice today:

**"Kelvin did a real good job with our athletic performance department with the trainers and getting back out here. We thought that it might be a little bit longer than a couple of weeks and actually, he was able to work today. Hopefully, there won't be any ill effects tomorrow and he'll be able to continue on his road to recovery."

**On whether he will play on Sunday:

**"That is our hope, to have him back up this week. Again, if he's healthy enough to go, we'll make that determination in how we put our 46-man roster together. But it was encouraging to have him back out today."

**On Seattle's corner Brandon Browner:

**"He's a good player that has a lot of length and range. He's somebody that we don't have a whole lot of information about but he's a guy that can create the mismatches for the defense because he's such a big guy."

**On how Seattle is using DE Raheem Brock:

**"He's in a rotation. They're rotating their defensive ends. They've got a big defensive end that they play in their base package on rundowns, based on the personnel groupings. He's a guy that they can rotate in more in the passing situations."

**On Seattle's DE Red Bryant:

**"He's a 325 pound left defensive end and then he slides down into the defensive tackle when they go to their sub package. He's a big, strong guy."

**On the play of Peria Jerry:

**"He's made a game-changing play in the Philadelphia game. I think he has played very well through the first three games. He's been very active in penetrating into the backfield and it's good to see. It's great for our defensive line rotation to have him and I think he's really filled in well in taking in the snaps that Jonathan Babineaux usually gets in our rotation. It'll be good to get Jonathan back, of course, but Peria has done a real good job. He continues to be a guy that'll get lots of snaps in our rotation."

**On Seattle K Steven Hauschka:

**"We'll we're familiar with Steven. Of course, Steven was here at the end of the season so we've got some familiarity with him in terms of what his likes and dislikes are in terms of where he likes to place the ball in kickoffs. He has a very strong leg, we know that. We do have some familiarity in terms of where he likes to place the ball."

**On Seattle QB Tarvaris Jackson:

**"He is a very athletic quarterback. He really went to his former teammate in the game last week. Sidney Rice, who missed the first two ball games, had eight catches and he was the most targeted player in the ball game. The thing that Tarvaris can do, and we played him in our first year here actually when he was in Minnesota at the end of the season, is if you let him and give him a lane, he can tuck the ball down and run. That's going to be very important for us, is you don't want him to be getting a whole lot of rushing yards."

**On evaluating players for starting positions during the season:

**"It's different in the offseason because in the offseason, you've got more snaps in your practices. You're in preparation mode each and every week once you start the season. You don't have as many snaps to make an evaluation but we've told our guys from the very beginning, we're going to have open competition at all times. There's not a guy that's set as a starter. It doesn't really matter whether you're an offensive lineman, defensive lineman, defensive back. There's probably one guy or a handful of guys that probably would fit in to say that they've got their starting job for the entire season. The majority of the guys on our team, we want to have open competition. We want to make sure that we're always putting the best players out there on the field to give us the best chance to win."

**On Matt Ryan being sacked multiple times:

**"Again, when you talk about giving up sacks and the play of the offensive line, it's not always the offensive line. Everybody's responsible for us not being successful in protecting the quarterback. The wide receivers could be on a certain play if it's a certain read and we don't break a route off, the quarterback has to hold the ball longer. Running backs and tight ends are all involved. I think there's been way too much emphasis on the offensive line. We protect as a team, it's not just the offensive line. Again, our guys are being evaluated each and every week and we're going to make sure that we're trying to put the best guys out there."

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