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Transcript: Mike Smith Post-Practice Interview


**On whether he has drawn any conclusions on the scheme and personnel of the offensive line:

**"I think a number of them, but I'd like to keep those in house. In terms of what we said at the press conference on Monday, the first thing you have to do is review the scheme and then the personnel. We said we're going to have open competition and that's what we've done."

**On William Moore's fine for a hit against Tampa Bay:

**"I'm not sure that's what the fine was. I think it was on a different play when he was penalized 15 yard in the third quarter of the ball game when he hit the receiver late. When you have a 15-yard penalty, most of the time you're going to get a letter from the League office. That's just the way it is. In terms of the penalties, we can't have them."

**On facing another quality returner in the Seahawks Leon Washington:

**"We've drawn some tough return guys in the first couple of weeks. We've done some nice things, in terms of the yards allowed. The thing that we've got to improve on our special teams is we've had seven penalties in the first three games and in the first three games, that's as many as we had all season last year on special teams. That's something that we've got to improve on."

**On the play of the defense last week against Tampa Bay:

**"There's always some positive things that come out of every ball game. I think that we've improved each and every week on the defensive side of the football. There were some positive things. We just didn't keep them out of the endzone enough to win the ball game but I thought there was a lot of positive stuff. No points in the fourth quarter and three points in the second half, was something that we can build on."

**On Jason Snelling:

**"Jason Snelling is in the protocol that's League mandated and there are steps that he has to go through but he is going through that process. Today was an opportunity for him to get past step number one."

**On the injury report:

**"In terms of the guys that didn't participate in practice, Jonathan Babineaux didn't practice, Kelvin Hayden didn't practice, Stephen Nicholas didn't practice, Jason Snelling who we were just talking about and Roddy White didn't practice. Sam Baker, Curtis Lofton and Cliff Matthews were limited participation today."

**On facing another mobile quarterback in Tarvaris Jackson:

**"Tarvaris is a guy that can run. He's very athletic. We've faced our share so far in the first three ball games and it's going to be a challenge like every week when you have those guys. You've got to try to get them on the ground. You can't let them become runners because they can hurt you."

**On the noise in Seattle's stadium:

**"It's probably the loudest stadium that we play in. Even though it's an outdoor stadium, there's something about the way it's designed that is very hard to communicate for the offense and that's something that we have to make sure that we have down is our ability to communicate. You're going to have to try to do it verbally. If you can't do it verbally, then you're going to have to do it with hand signals. It can affect how you're trying to operate offensively with the crowd noise."

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