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Transcript: Mike Smith Post-Practice Interview


**On the addition of tight end Tommy Gallarda to the practice squad:

**"We signed Tommy. We had the injury yesterday to Marquez Branson. He had a dislocated knee cap so he's going to be moved off of the roster and we're ready to get (Gallarda) in. He's from Boise State; a big, blocking tight end. Someone that was with the Jacksonville Jaguars earlier in the season."

**On Philadelphia's wide tackle defensive scheme:

**"They play their ends real wide in the pass rush mode. They're trying to be disruptive as they run up the field. Scheme-wise, (Eagles) defensive line coach Jim Washburn did that with the Tennessee Titans. It's a scheme that they've incorporated into their defense this season."

**On whether or not Detroit runs a similar scheme under Jim Schwartz:

**"Schwartz, not as much. In terms of the defense ends, you're going to see them line up in wider alignments than most places."

**On the progress of James Sanders and Kelvin Hayden:

**"Like I said yesterday, we want to try to get these guys indoctrinated and up to speed and it's really the same thing today. We continue to try to get them comfortable with our system and the more comfortable they become with it, then the more comfortable we're going to be with putting them in the ball game. They did not play in any scrimmage snaps last week and we don't really know what's going to happen this week. They definitely will be involved with special teams. We're still in the evaluation process, trying to get these guys to have a comfort level. They're behind in terms of the number of snaps because we didn't get them until right before our last preseason game."

**On the play of Peria Jerry, Vance Walker and Lawrence Sidbury:

**"The two defensive tackles, I thought, did very well. I thought they did a nice job in the game. It was good to see Peria being disruptive. He had some good quarterback pressures in the backfield. Vance Walker, it was probably his most extended playing time that he's had since he's been here. So it was nice to see those two young guys go out and have some significant playing time. Lawrence Sidbury recorded a sack in the ball game which was a big play for us, one of the five that we had. We need to have a presence with the other defensive ends besides John Abraham and I think we're going to get that with the rotation this year."

**On the problems Philadelphia's defensive ends will present for the Falcons' tackles:

**"It's always an issue with regards to rotations and that's what happens in this League for the most part. That's what we faced last week. You're either going to get a three or four man rotation at defensive end and a three or four man rotation at defensive tackle. The theory behind it is to keep the guys fresh so it's going to be important for us that we're in great shape on the offensive line. The two defensive ends that they have have been very productive. One is new to their system in Jason Babin. He was very productive. He had 12.5 sacks last year. They've got guys that can come from both the right and the left and Cullen Jenkins was a great addition inside. They had solid guys in there to start with. It's a new scheme for us as well."

**On the higher emotions that this game may bring:

**"It's no different for us in terms of our preparation. We've faced guys that we've played with before. This is no different. The big thing for us is that we want to make sure that we have the right mindset when we go out there. It's a home game and it's the most important game because it's the next one. We always coach against and play against guys who we know and have worked with."

**On whether or not a win would mean more for QB Matt Ryan this week:

**"Wins are hard to come by in this League and we want to go out and perform at our highest level. That's the thing that we try to do each and every week. We tell our guys that if we go out and play our best , we're going to enhance our chances of winning and that's the big thing. We want to correct the mistakes that we made in our first ball game and make sure that we execute very efficiently in this ball game."

**On the importance of the fans this week:

**"The fans are going to be very important. I've said it many times, the best fans in the National Football League. They know when to cheer, when to be quiet and it's going to be very important for us this week. We want to make sure that it's to our advantage especially when the Eagles are on offense. We need to try to be as disruptive as we can in terms of creating those procedural penalties."

**On whether the high scores in week one mean that the offenses are ahead of the defenses at this point:

**"By the scores of the game in the first week, that's obviously the case. The offenses and the special teams were big factors. The special teams had a lot to do with the points being up as well. There were eight special teams touchdowns last week in the first week of the season which is an NFL record from what I understand. The offenses definitely got the better of the defenses across the League as the scoring is up."

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