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Transcript: Mike Smith Post-Practice Interview


**On how much of Carolina's offensive scheme is taken from San Diego and Cleveland:

**"I think that there's actually Cleveland and San Diego, but there's also some Auburn-tinge to it as well in terms of that they run the read option, the read plays that their quarterback is familiar with. It's been a challenge this week in terms of our preparation. It's something that you don't normally see and it's very hard to simulate. But we've worked through it these three days and we look forward to going out there and trying to defend our turf."

**On Carolina's linebacking corps:

**"They lost the two players that you mentioned (Jon Beason and Thomas Davis) and the guys that have come in have come in and done a nice job. I think that they're flying around. Ron (Rivera) and (offensive coordinator) Sean McDermott have done a really good job and we can see each and every week, they're expanding their defensive repertoire. We're somewhat familiar with it because of Sean's time with Philadelphia. Of course, we've played Philadelphia the last couple of years."

**On bracketing WR Steve Smith:

**"I don't know that they do it exclusively. Again, based on the situation, teams have tried to roll their coverage that way but he is their leading receiver. I think he's having a really good start to the season and we know what kind of competitor he is. He creates all kind of issues. Normally, he lines up as the 'X' receiver but they will move him around in different spots when they try to feature him and get him the ball."

**On how often Carolina uses two tight end sets with Jeremy Shockey and Greg Olsen:

**"Quite a bit. What we call 12 personnel, the two tight end sets with one back. On first and second down, it is the most prevalent package and again that creates some issues because of the two tight ends. Both of them are very athletic. They're moving both of them. They don't have necessarily one guy who is playing the down tight end and one who's moving. That will create issues for defenses in the front seven."

**On the running back tandem of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart:

**"Both of those guys are big, strong and fast running backs and it's about 50-50. I think you're going to see one more in running situations and one more in passing situations. For the most part, we've got to make sure that we stop the run and that's going to be our number one objective. We don't want them to be able to run the football and last week, they got the run game rolling."

**On what prevents the offense from running the no-huddle exclusively:

**"We've never done a whole game. We go in each and every week just like all scenarios that can possibly come up in a game. For example, we've had discussions about what we are going to do one a fourth and two when we're having to go for it, what are we going to do on a fourth and five, what are you going to do on a fourth and seven. We always have a discussion based on what do we feel about our no-huddle offense, on the advantages and disadvantages of doing it. One of the things that we've done is we've done a very good job of keeping people off balance in terms of when we're going to run in and when we're not. We can get into it and out of it very easily. The decision that we make is usually made during the week and not during the game. When we get into our attack mode and our two-minute mode, that's a different deal. But it terms of our true no-huddle when we're not in a two-minute situation, we determine that usually during the week and the feel of the game will dictate that as well."

**On the play of Dunta Robinson:

**"Dunta has been solid. Again, this year, offenses, the numbers are just unbelievable. Right now, you've got seven teams that are averaging over 400 yards of offense per game and that's unbelievable. Dunta is having a solid start to the season. As a whole unit, we haven't played pass defense as well as we'd like. We've faced a couple of pretty hot quarterbacks that have been able to move the football, but we've got to get better in a lot of areas and the pass defense obviously is one of them."

**On Kroy Biermann and his reaction to the signing of Ray Edwards:

**"I think Kroy handled it very well. Kroy understands that any move that we make, or any player should understand, any move that we make in terms of personnel is trying to make our team better and Kroy's numbers are really similar to what he's played in year's past. The rotation is going to be the rotation. He's had some opportunities to rush. This past game, we limited him somewhat in his special team's snaps because we didn't have John Abraham. Those are all things that you have to do each and every week because the dynamic of your team and the team you're playing is changing every week."

**On Lawrence Sidbury:

**"Lawrence has done a very nice job. He's recorded two sacks in his rotational play. Again, if you keep having success, you're going to get more opportunities to play in the situations where you can rush the passer. I still think that's the strength of Lawrence is his ability to rush the passer. I think he's solidified his game in terms of playing the run and has improved."

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