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Transcript: Mike Smith post-practice interview


Falcons head coach Mike Smith talked about several players at key positions for the Bengals and how those players will affect his game plan during Thursday's huddle with the Atlanta media

On what he sees in Bengals QB Carson Palmer:

"Carson is a very good quarterback, he's been to a couple of Pro Bowls. I think he's completed about 60 percent of his passes. He's got some weapons that he can get the ball to. In terms of watching him throw it, I think that he's done a nice job throwing the ball and distributing to his wide-outs as well as the tight ends. He's got a really good tight end in the rookie (Jermaine) Gresham."

On his weekly phone calls with Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis and how they haven't spoken yet this season:

"I think after we play this game that we'll probably get back to having those conversations. Over the last couple of years, we have conversations on Tuesday night driving home between 11:30 or midnight when we're heading home. It was something that we've done, but neither one of us has made that call. We talk about family, we talk about lots of things."

On Bengals T Andre Smith:

"They've been playing him. He's been getting in the rotation. (He was) a first round draft pick, a big guy, a strong guy. I've been impressed with what we've seen on tape with him."

On how Bengals DE Jonathan Fanene improves the pass rush:

"Fanene is a big strong pass rusher. I think he had six sacks in 10 games last year so he's a very, very productive player rushing the passer. He's a very strong guy. He's a guy that is not necessarily a finesse guy; he's an effort, hardworking guy that's going to give you a full days work. It's going to be a challenge for us if he is indeed playing. I know that he's been practicing this week so we are fully anticipating seeing him."


On what advice he gives the team in regards to off the field talk from opposing teams:**

"I tell our guys each and every week, we've got one task and that's to go out and play effectively and efficiently on Sunday. Our preparation should all be about the game. I think our guys understand that. They've been very businesslike all season long and the whole time that we've been here. I think they understand that we've got a task at hand."

On DT Peria Jerry not having as much on the field success as S William Moore even though they both missed last year:

"I think the production is not the same as William's because he's not getting the snaps. He's in a rotation with the defensive line. He had the first sack of the season last week. We have one starting safety and we have eight starting defensive linemen so it's hard to compare those two guys in terms of just talking about production and numbers. Peria is a guy that I think is getting better, and better each week."

On Bengals CB Adam Jones' return game:

"Well we spent some extra time on him. CB Adam Jones, I've had a lot of experience with him having been in the same division when we were in the AFC South and he was their punt returner and kick returner in special situations when he was with the Titans. He's very explosive even though his numbers may not show that. He is a guy that can take it the distance. He has very good vision. He can change direction, change the way he's running in terms of how he wants to attack the coverage so we've got to be very, very disciplined in terms of what we're trying to get done."

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