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Transcript: Mike Smith post-practice interview


On how the first one-a-day practice went:

"It was good to be in a one-a-day practice that's for sure. Players and coaches are all a little excited about it. We started a week of game preparation, even though this is Monday on the calendar it's Wednesday for the coaching staff and the players. The guys came out and we looked at some of the situations that we will on Wednesdays and I thought it went pretty good."

On what players he thinks will see extended playing time in Friday's game that haven't seen much action yet:

"Well we're hoping that the guys that we've been holding out, there's a group of guys that it's been well documented who they are. We're hoping that they'll get some extended playing time so we can get an evaluation of where they're at, not only physically but how much they understand of our schemes. We're going to get a good look at those guys this week."

On how much S William Moore has missed and how much he can play on Friday:

"Well he's going to play quite a bit as long as he's ready to go on Friday. We need to get a good, hard look at William simply because, unfortunately, he hasn't had many snaps, many reps here in training camp. I think it's going to be very, very important for us to get game-situation evaluation for William."

On how much playing time he expects the first unit to get:

"Historically in the third preseason game, that's probably the most significant playing time. The guys went three series in the first two preseason games. Got 18-25 snaps depending on who it was. We would like them to at least get about 30 to 35 snaps in this ball game. It will really depend on how many snaps go through that first half. We want to take a good, hard look at those guys and that's the way we've approached it in years past."

On his approach to the third game in regards to how playing time works:

"It works for me in terms of giving us evaluation. Again, that can all change depending on the weather. Down there it could possibly this time of year be stormy. The last game that was played there it was played in a quagmire and of course with the infield still in place for the baseball stadium, those could all be factors. But ideally we would like to increase the number of reps for this game compared to the first two."

On who he sees getting traded OL Quinn Ojinnaka's reps:

"I think there's a bunch of young guys. Quinn could play guard and tackle for us, he was kind of a guy that was a swing guy. It's going to give the guards on the depth chart more reps and the tackles. OG Jose Valdez, it will allow all of our young guys that play the guard position [to get more reps]. As you get going towards the end of training camp you've got to make decisions on who's going to be on your 53-man roster so there will be a lot of evaluation going on once that first group gets out."

On the process of doing evaluations:

"Well it's a process that has been going on since they got here in terms of evaluating and talking about it. We've had numerous personnel meetings. We talk almost daily about who had a good day, who had a bad day. Of course sometimes you've got to take some of it with a grain of salt early on when they first get here and then of course with their first game action. I think really the big evaluation is going to be what happens from this point on, in terms of evaluating the guys that are fighting for roster spots."

On if there will be closer critiques from now on:

"I don't know if it's going to be closer. I know it's going to be important decisions that we're going to have to make as an organization. You always want to make sure that you put your best 53 guys out there."

On if there is a specific number of wide receivers he wants on the final 53-man roster:

"Well no, I mean we go into it with an idea of how many we're going to have on our 53-man roster. Again, that can change suddenly. We're going to go in there with five or six wide receivers. That's what we've done in the past but that can change. A spot here or a spot there. I don't think that there's any proven way to put that puzzle together throughout the League. Some teams approach it a little differently, but we've basically stayed on course the first two years here in terms of our 53-man roster. There have not been a whole lot of changes."

On if he is concerned about depth at the wide receiver position:

"I'm concerned about depth at all positions in terms of this point in the preseason. We've got guys that are banged up and we've got still two more preseason games to go. We like the guys that we have. We need to get WR Michael Jenkins back and we like some of the young guys. I think they've got the skill set that we're looking for. At this point in time we're not planning on doing anything in terms of personnel moves with that position."

On what kind of look Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown gives:

"Ronnie Brown is a big, tough, hard running back. He's a guy that runs down behind his pads. He's a guy that we've got to be prepared for in the wildcat; he's their wildcat back, so that's something that we have to prepare for. He's coming off of an injury, he didn't have the year statistically but he still was very effective. RB Ricky Williams is also a guy he rushed for over 1,100 yards last year. I think they've added depth to their football team on the defensive side with LB Karlos Dansby and with Brandon Marshall at the wide receiver position. This will be a good challenge for us. We're somewhat familiar with them because we played them in week one last year. It should be a good challenge."

On Dolphins' QB Chad Henne:

"I think Chad has got a strong arm. Chad was one of the guys, when we were doing our due diligence when we were picking our quarterback three years ago, that we did a lot of work on. [He is a] very effective quarterback, got a strong arm and also can escape out of the pocket. He's got the skill set to be a very successful quarterback."

On if he felt that the younger players were at the same level as traded OL Quinn Ojinnaka:

"Yeah, I think we were very pleased with the young guys in terms of what they've done to this point. Again, it was just a situation that arose and it was a situation that we feel was good for us as an organization."

On who he thinks in particular could fill that spot:

"I think our young draft picks have played very, very well. OG Mike Johnson and C Joe Hawley. Both of those guys are everything that we thought they were going to be."

On what he saw in the New England game that needs to be immediately corrected:

"I think we've got to move the ball on the plus side of the 50 offensively. You've got to convert third downs on that side of the ball and that's something that we haven't done. It's been for a number of different reasons, some due to what they did on the defensive side, some due to what we did on the offensive side. For us to have the type of year that we want to have, we've got to score touchdowns and not attempt field goals and kick field goals. This is becoming an offensive slanted League with the rules and such so we've got to make sure that we're not only able to move the football, but get it into the endzone. As I've said it's been unacceptable through the first two games. Our third down efficiency is something that we've got to address, we have got to get better at. A lot of the things that happened in the game, and I don't want to keep rehashing it, are things that we can correct and we will correct. We started that process the day after the game. We've got still almost three weeks, 19 days, maybe 20 days I believe before we play our first ball game so there is a lot of work that we still have to get done."

On the defenses' third down efficiency and if he believes that it will be improved when the regular season begins:

"Yes. We've spent a lot of time in the offseason working on that, not only with our players but strategically as a coaching staff. It's something that's very, very important. You've got to win third down and get off the field on third down. You give the ball to your offense and that's what you've got to do on defense. You don't want to give yourself more exposures than you need and when you don't win third downs you are extending drives."

On if he believes CB Dunta Robinson will play Friday:

"Again, all the guys right now as we said last week, until Wednesday before the opener all guys are questionable and they will all be game time decisions on whether they are going to play or not."

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