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Transcript: Mike Smith post-practice interview


**On how he felt practice went getting closer to the third preseason game:

**"This is the biggest day of our installation during the week. I think our guys got exposed to a lot of information. They are going to have to compartmentalize that information as we get ready for the game on Friday night. Again, we're working through the process and the procedure of how we're going to put our game plan in."

**On DB Brian Williams and how he looks:

**"Brian has been practicing full-go only once a day during training camp the last seven or eight practices. We're giving him limited snaps right now, and we're hoping that nothing flares up and that he will be able to participate in the game on Friday."

**On DE Jamaal Anderson and if he is recovered:

**"Yeah, Jamaal has been practicing all week. Again, all the guys that have been having some issues with bumps and bruises, they are going to all be questionable and they are going to be game-time decisions. But it's good to see them practicing."

**On how much they game plan for Week 3 in the preseason:

**"I wouldn't want to put a percentage on it. Really it's to expose our guys to how we're going to install the meetings, in terms of how the meetings will go once we start into the regular season. This is really the only week that we're going to really get an opportunity to do it. Next week, we're going to be playing on a short week so that's why Week 3 is important in terms of game planning. It's not specifically what we're game planning. There's a lot of things that we're not going to show until the regular season. But we want to go through the process and the logistics so our players have a good understanding of how we're going to do things once the season starts."

**On if it is more of an in-house focus rather than an opponent focused game plan:

**"That's exactly right. In terms of our preparation, it's more about us than it is about them."

**On if he is more involved this week especially with the defense:

**"No, I am not getting any more involved this week than any other week. It's a matter of the same routine that we've had for the last three years. I'm anxious to get the regular season here as quick as possible. That way you really get into your game planning and the thing we're doing right now more than anything, is evaluating our personnel because we're going to have a lot of decisions to make in terms of our 53-man roster. Really, that's been my focus over the last two weeks."

**On CB Chris Owens playing at the nickel position:

**"We're trying to get Chris some snaps and some reps at the nickel position to give us some guys that are cross trained. That would actually give us four guys that could possibly play nickel. Anytime you have guys that are available to play multiple positions I think you put yourself in a better situation once the season arises because you never know who's going to be in and who's going to be out one week to the next."

**On WR Troy Bergeron having an advantage because of the injuries at the position and his time here:

**"Yeah, Troy performed well in the game the other night. (He) had the touchdown pass and he's made a couple of impressive plays this week in practice. Again, I think anytime a guy gets an opportunity to go out there and show what he can do, he needs to take advantage of that. I think all of the guys that have had that opportunity because of guys missing time have taken advantage of it for the most part. Again, it's going to be a tough decision making process for us in terms of putting our 53-man roster together."

**On the signing of OL Mark Ortmann:

**"I don't know a whole lot about Mark. Mark came in and worked out for us yesterday. Again, with the roster move that we made yesterday in terms of the trade we needed to get a body in here. I know some people are asking why haven't we brought another wide receiver in because WR Kerry Meier was injured, by League rule you can't put Kerry Meier on injured reserve. Rookies can't go on injured reserve until you go through the cut down to the 53-man roster, so that's why we haven't made that move. I know some of you all were asking 'are you going to make a move at wide receiver' well there's not a roster spot to do it because of the League. Once that happens there's a possibility that we could, but right now until we get to our 53-man roster, Kerry has to stay on our roster. We can't put him on IR."

**On if Meier has a surgery scheduled:

**"No, I know that usually with the ACL's they don't like to do those right away. They like to start the rehabilitation process to strengthen the muscles around that joint for a couple of weeks before they do the procedure. I'm not aware of when it's going to happen but I think it will happen in the upcoming weeks."

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