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Transcript: Mike Smith post-practice interview


How was it playing against a team that didn't know what plays you are running?

"It was really good for both our players and coaches to get out here and work against a different team, with different colored helmets and jerseys. It was a really good morning on all phases. We got some special teams work, along with some offense and defense going. It was a good practice."

How was the energy?

"The energy was good. The team had the day off yesterday, so this was a way to kind of get the juices going. It was good energy on both sides of the ball."

Is it easier to put together a practice like this when you are familiar with the organization?

"When you have familiarity of how you run a practice, it is a lot easier in terms of putting the practice plan together. Our practice plans are very similar in how we do things, so it wasn't a much different practice for the Jaguars than what they would have had down at their complex. We had the same practice schedule here, the difference is, we were working against each other."

How are you proceeding with WR Michael Jenkins being out for 4-6 weeks?

"Michael Jenkins has a shoulder injury. Contrary to some reports that it is going to need surgery, it will not. It is just a matter of rest. The doctor is saying he will need 4-6 weeks."

Is it a dislocation or a separation?

"It is a shoulder injury that does not need surgery. He will be back in 4-6 weeks."

Who do you have in mind to take over for WR Michael Jenkins during the pre-season?

"We are going to rotate our wide receivers. WR Harry Douglas will be coming back, WR Brian Finneran, and WR Eric Weems are all experienced players. They will really step into his role. Harry we are bringing along slowly in a one-a-day mode. Brian and Eric will probably get the majority of the snaps and WR Kerry Meier in the game on Friday night."

Did you do anything different against the Jacksonville Jaguars today?

"No, it is the same practice we have done every Monday after our Mock game. In terms of the installation nothing changed. The Jaguars installation is very similar to ours based on looking at what they were doing and working on. It was a good practice for us. It will be great for our personnel department to evaluate our guys against other guys. We've had 31 practices up to this time and we've been working against the same guys, so this was an opportunity to work against other people."

As a coach is a practice like this almost as valuable as a pre-season game?

"It is very valuable. Looking ahead, if it changes that we may only have two preseason games it is important that you work with other teams. We have a relationship with Jacksonville and New England, who will be coming in next week. We ought to be able to get some very consistent work against each other."

What did WR Michael Jenkins do to his shoulder?

"He fell awkwardly on his shoulder in the scrimmage on Friday night. The extent of the injury wasn't determined until yesterday."

Did he get a MRI?

"It is a shoulder injury. Yes he had x-rays and an MRI. We wanted to make sure everything was looked at and looked at intensely. However, it is an unfortunate situation whenever any of our players get dinged. We are disappointed, but Michael will fight back. He will work with our athletic trainers and our athletic performance department and be ready to go."

Where are LB Mike Peterson and S William Moore?

"Mike Peterson has inflammation in his calf. He is the only player that did not come out on the practice field today. We felt like it was not beneficial to have him stand out here. It will most likely be a couple of days before that injury settles down. William Moore is day-to-day right now as well. We anticipate that we will get the rest our guys back into our swing with DT Peria Jerry. WR Harry Douglas did some work today. DB Brian Williams will start to get cranked up at the end of the week."

Did S William Moore suffer a different injury?

"No, William does not have a different injury. It is a precautionary for us. We are trying to take care of all of our guys and keep guys out when we feel they have the potential to expose themselves to further injury."

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