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Transcript: Mike Smith Interview

Head coach Mike SmithOn Tony Gonzalez:

"Tony was a limited participant in practice today, so he was able to get out and do some limited work.  Spoon was a limited participant as well, had a pretty good work load.  They will both be listed as questionable for the game on Sunday. "

On Weatherspoon playing on first, second and third down:

"Yes, he will be a three down, we aren't' going to limit his snaps."

On Weatherspoon starting on Sunday:

"Yes, he will start in the ballgame on Sunday."

On whom he will be replacing as a starter:

"You will see on Sunday.  Obviously, with him coming back we have to move someone out of the starting lineup."

On Harry Douglas:

"Yes.  Harry was out there today as you saw, working.  This time of the year you are going to have some guys that you want to take their workload down a bit.  He has been working really hard the last four or five weeks."

On Malliciah Goodman being out Sunday:

"Yes, Malliciah Goodman will be out. Malliciah had a calf injury in the ballgame last week.  He is definitely out this week and we will have to look and see if he will be able to have a turnaround for next week."

On having Weatherspoon back and what it does for the defense as a unit:

"Sean has been the leader of our defense, really the last three years.  He is the signal-caller and brings a lot of passion and energy to the game.  He is a great player.  He's earned the role as a leader.  You don't anoint one, they earn it, and he's earned it.  He's done a very good job.  He is very vocal, I think that will be positive for us, and he's very energetic."

On Paul Worrilow:

"Paul has done a great job for us.  To come out and have back-to-back games with almost 20 tackles, I believe he's had 38 tackles in two ballgames, shows what kind of player he is.  It is good to see a young player become that active that quickly.  He has a nose for the football.  I said it before, we pretty much had an inkling that might be the case back in the preseason game in the second half against the Cincinnati Bengals.  He was making tackles all over the field, and he has continued to do it.  He's got a very good mind for the game, for a rookie.  He's very intelligent.  His FBI, football intelligence, is out of this world. 

On a special satisfaction for the organization after finding him, when he was under the radar:

"I think it says a lot about our personnel department in terms of they don't leave any stone unturned.  They're going to evaluate players and look for their revealing traits that will help them play in the NFL.  Paul, obviously, was a guy that showed something for our scouts.  I'm glad we've got him because he's played a lot of snaps for us through the first nine games."

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