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Transcript: Mike Smith Interview

On practice today and what it will be like if Tony Gonzalez doesn't play on Sunday:

"I would never count Tony Gonzalez out, never.  Tony didn't practice today, but we hope he will get out here tomorrow and do some things for us.  Harry Douglas didn't participate in practice today.  We had two guys, as I mentioned yesterday, that were going to go up to limited and they did.  That was Jason Snelling and Corey Peters."

On practice today:

"Good, very spirited.  It's a division game against a football team that is a lot better than their record.  Defensively they are playing very good football, and their young quarterback, I think, is improving.  We're going to have to stop the run.  They do a great job of running the football, and we're going to have to be able to run the football because they have done a good job stopping it."

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