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Transcript: Mike Smith Interview

Head coach Mike SmithOn Matt Ryan forcing throws against Carolina:

"Well, I think every game the quarterback has throws that he wants to have back.  I don't think this game was any different than most games that they play.  Unfortunately, we had way too many turnovers, and each one has a different set of circumstances in terms of how the play was played out.  We can't turn the ball over, obviously.  Eight times in the last two games, doesn't matter what level of football you're playing.  You're not going to win games when you do that."

On Roddy White, Steven Jackson and Sean Weatherspoon coming back to practice today:

"Yes, Roddy was a limited participant in practice today, which was good.  He got some very limited snaps on Friday.  He had much more in this practice.  Sean is still on designated to return, we can bring him back, we've got 21 days to make a decision.  He's on track to be back for the Tampa Bay game.  We need to make sure we get him in football condition, so he did a number of snaps with us and did some running on the side.  We're certainly hopeful, barring any setbacks; he'll be ready to go.  Of course, Steven completed the ballgame, had no issues and had another good day today."

On Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas being the best defensive backs in the League right now:

"They are both tied for the lead in interceptions, one plays the corner position, and one plays the safety.  Statistically right now they are the best.  They are doing a very good job of taking the ball away.  When opportunities arise, they've been able to make their plays.  Sherman is a big, strong, athletic corner that likes to get up and press.  Thomas is a very athletic safety that has a very good nose for the football."

On the difference is this team from the previous year:

"Well, their quarterback is a year older; he is playing outstanding.  He has 15 touchdowns to six interceptions.  He is doing an outstanding job extending plays, so he is a year older.  I think that they have added some playmakers on their defensive front; Cliff Avril is one that comes to mind and the guy who came from Tampa, Michael Bennett.  Both of those guys, they have ten sacks between them.  They're not the starters, so it tells you they have a great rotation up front."

On expecting Roddy White to be active:

"Again, we're going to have to wait and see how the week plays out.  Last week he got very limited opportunities to practice. It is great to have him participating in practice on Wednesday.  That has not happened since prior to the Baltimore preseason game.  We'll get an opportunity to see how he takes the workload today, and hopefully, we will be able to increase it tomorrow."

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