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Transcript: Mike Smith Interview

On the keys to containing their pass rush:

"They are very good in the pass rush in terms of their defensive line.  Calais Campbell is a big, long guy, who can not only sack the quarterback, but I believe he is tied with JJ Watt in terms of pass deflections the past three years.  He's had 29; you might have to check that exact number.  He does a very good job; we're going to have to keep his hands down.  Of course, Docket is a guy that has been to the Pro Bowl, a very explosive guy, and we know what John Abraham is capable of doing.  Probably the wildcard is Daryl Washington coming off the suspension.  I believe he's had 11 sacks in the last 19 games.  He is a very good blitzer.  For us, it is going to be identifying their multiple looks.  They will give multiple looks in terms of 3-4 look, 4-3 look.  They've got a lot of flexibility.  Todd Bowles, their defensive coordinator, worked for Mike Nolan, so there will be some similarities and some carryover.  Our offense will see some familiar things."

On Arizona Cardinals being able to run the ball last year:

"They've got a guy that I think is playing very well for them, the rookie from Clemson.  Andre Ellington, they like to get the ball in his hands.  He has had 32 targets thus far.  They will move him out of the backfield, so he is the guy we are going to have to contain.  He is capable of having that type of an explosive run that we gave up last year."

On Sam Baker starting if he is ready to go:

"If he is healthy, yes, if Sam is ready to go.  He was limited participant today and we're going to make a decision as we get closer to the game.  He is going to visit the doctors today and we will make a decision as it gets closer, but he has been progressing well.  It is good to see him back out there. "* *

On Steven Jackson and Chase Coffman being limited participants:

"Yes, they were.  In terms of limited they had more snaps than they had yesterday.  That was the plan, try to ramp them up and give them their first day very limited, and I say it was almost a full day for those guys today."

On the receiver's performance against Tampa Bay:

"Well, it was nice to see those guys have their opportunity to contribute.  We've known for a long time that Harry Douglas is an outstanding receiver; it's just that we haven't had an opportunity to always target him because of the other guys on our football team.  There are only so many passes you can throw and targets when you've got other guys.  It was nice to see Drew Davis and Darius Johnson is a great story.  For him to come right off the practice squad on Saturday and make a big catch in the ballgame.  He has earned it, he's worked extremely hard.  I am proud of how the guys have worked.  I thought Matt did a good job distributing the ball and going through his reads."

On Darius Johnson getting a bigger locker after the game on Sunday:

"I'll have to check with Brian Boigner, our equipment guy on that.  He definitely is deserving of it.  If he has a couple more catches like he had in the game last week, when you guys come in next week he may be in a different spot, you'll have to find him somewhere else."

On Brian Robiskie:

"Brian is doing a nice job for us.  He had a handful of plays in the game last week.  Again, he came in, had been on the street, we're anticipating that he is going to have to help us as we go down the stretch for the next few weeks.  Hopefully, we'll be getting healthier in the wide receiver position, but we need him.  He did a nice job on special teams, he had a tackle on special teams for us."

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