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Transcript: Mike Smith Interview

Head coach Mike SmithOn Thursday night's game:
"I thought that in the game there were some individuals that did some really good things, and I think that's the second most important thing. We want to win the game, obviously we didn't do that, but we got an opportunity to evaluate some guys. I thought our two corners [Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford] did a really nice job in the ball game in terms of what we were wanting to see from them. I was impressed with the way that they handled it, not only their production on the field but their grade sheet when we graded it on Friday. I thought P Matt Bosher did an outstanding job punting the football even though we didn't cover as well as we would like. His hang times were outstanding. I think he's going to continue to be a weapon for us punting the football. Then, I also liked the offensive line play with our young guys, especially Lamar Holmes and [Ryan] Schraeder. Both those guys did a nice job. They had a lot more reps than we anticipated they would get, against good players. That's what the preseason is all about. It's evaluating these guys and putting them in situations to see how they're going to handle it. I thought there were a number of guys that spoke well for themselves."  

On C Peter Konz's play at center: "Peter did a very nice job. That's Peter's natural position. Last year, we had to play him at guard but we've been able to get him back to his natural position and I thought that he did a nice job. I thought our pass protection [did well]. Again, when you start looking at it you have to look at it very objectively in terms of who's out there playing and who they're playing against, so there are a number of factors. It doesn't always look as good as you think, nor as bad."  

On LB Brian Banks' story:
"Brian is a guy that has come into our locker room and become one of the team members. He has a lot of experiences that he can share with our guys. When you think that you've had a bad day you can talk to Brian and really find out what a bad day is like. He's done a very good job learning the game of football. He's been away from it for 10 years and it's tough to come back out and do it. The learning curve has been sped up here as we've gone through it two or three times. It's a great story and it's a great opportunity for Brian Banks."  

On mixing up the first team reps with more guys than usual in practice today:
"Yes we did. Again, we've got a plan on how we're going to do our reps well before the first game. We knew after the first game that our number ones were only going to play x-amount of plays, so they're a lot fresher than the guys that played 30 and 40 snaps in the ball game. We mixed it up today in terms of who was going to get the reps."  

On WR Julio Jones being limited in practice:
"Julio was out running some routes. He did some work. He didn't take a full load and I'd imagine that probably in the next day or two he'll be back to full participation. Today was a day that we really wanted to get out here and work in pads. Tomorrow we won't be working in pads. Again our number one goal guys is to not only evaluate these guys but make sure that we get them healthy to the first game and I think that we were able to accomplish that in the game. If you ask me what the biggest and the best thing about it is, it's that we've had minimal injuries in terms of guys that are going to lose any significant time in practice."  

On the play of LB Paul Worrilow:
"As I said after the game that was one that you could see he played very well. He had a stretch there where he made three or four really nice plays and he did some good things on special teams when you watch the tape. For a guy like him that's a college free agent, to come out in his first game and have the type of plays that he had and the production on special teams, it speaks well for him. It's going to be fun to watch him progress. He definitely enhanced his chance for more snaps next week against Baltimore with his play on Thursday night."  

On if Worrilow's play will have an ancillary effect on the play of the other linebackers:
"I would think that anytime a guy goes out and makes plays that everybody takes notice, not just the fans in the stands but I think that everybody on the team and in the locker room that saw it. He did some nice things and he'll get an opportunity to play against different groupings as we move through the preseason."

On what newly acquired T Jeff Nady brings to the team:
"Well, he's a guy that has a little bit of experience in Jacksonville. He's an offensive lineman that we're going to have work in the right tackle position right now. He does have flexibility to work left and right as he did at the University of Nevada."

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