Transcript: Mike Singletary postgame news conference


San Francisco head coach Mike Singletary was disappointed in the 49ers' inability to put the game away when it looked like a sure first win.

On losing this game.

"He (CB Nate Clements) made a great play on the ball. I am sure he thought he was going to score. That is all there is to it. (Falcons WR) Roddy White made a great play, coming up behind him and knocking the ball out. All the blocking was in front of him. It's that guy behind you that you can't see."


On timeouts:**

"I felt the defense was getting tired. But I didn't call a time out because of their fatigue. It was more about time management."


On talking to CB Nate Clements:**

"I didn't talk to Nate. There was nothing to say after that. He made a great play on the ball, but their guy (Falcons WR Roddy White) made a great play running up behind him. I am sure all Nate saw was the end zone."

On the opening drive:

"(Falcons Head Coach) Mike (Smith) and his entire coaching staff did a great job. We put a plan together that could attack them effectively and forced them to protect the whole field. Whether there were screens or inside runs, we kept them off balance for the most part. We kept them thinking, and that was the thought process going into the game."

On the loss:

"First of all, we played a good football team. We have to get the ball into the end zone more. We have to stop hurting ourselves. We are shooting ourselves in the foot. We have to grow up really fast. I thought this would be the week that we could do just that. But obviously, that did not happen, which makes things very difficult for the entire organization. We just have to keep working."

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