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Transcript: Mike Peterson postgame interview


On the play of the defense in the first half…

"It definitely wasn't up to our standards for a Falcon defense. We had a chance to go up against one of the elite offenses in the League and get a chance to use them as a measuring stick. Tomorrow and Saturday, it's back to work for us and we have a lot of work to do."

On the impact of the roughing the kicker penalty in the first half that extended a Patriots drive…

"It was definitely a momentum shift, especially being the last drive for all of the starters out there. We wanted to go out on a good note. All the mistakes that we had are correctable, which is a good thing. We'll go back to the drawing board and go back to work."

On the Patriots' game plan and their push up front…

"They were able to run the ball. You have to tip your hats to them. They're a pass-happy team and I think that everybody on the defensive side of the ball and everyone in the stands think that they're going to throw the ball. When they come out and run it, sometimes it's a shocker to you. That's not an excuse but it's just great game planning and a great scheme by them."

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