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Transcript: Mike Mularkey post-practice interview


On the offense:

"We probably need to be a little more consistent. As players and coaches we all just need to do our job better and pay attention to the little things and we're not going to panic after this. We're just going to continue to get better and hopefully when you get one going, it just kind of flows on from there."

On Cardinals' defense:

"They look solid. It's a 3-4 front again. They're solid up front just like last week."

On spreading the ball:

"There's nothing that says throw it to Roddy (White) this many times, or throw it to Tony (Gonzalez) this many times. It's really just whoever is open we're going to throw it to that spot. It's up to the offense where the ball goes. That's the way it's been and where it's going to continue to be. If Roddy's the guy, then Roddy's the guy."


On vertical plays:**

"It's hard when a defense tries to keep everything up front. They try to make you sustain long drives where you can't make an explosive play on them. They're waiting on you to make a mistake within those long drives. The one thing we have to do is just get down to the redzone and try to have some plays down there where we don't have to throw a long ball, deep ball or a long run to score. We understand that kind of philosophy and understand we can't afford those the mistakes that we're capable of preventing ourselves. We know what's going on with the package and the scheme. We just need to really be on our toes with the focus and execute the plays."

On throwaways:

"They're in every week. You have to take a shot. You have to throw it away from where the guy is that's trying to prevent you from getting over the top. Those are in every week, we just have to prevent them. We've had them in and we've missed some of them."


On the running game at the Dome: **

"It's at home. I think the crowd and everything just gets you energized. I'm hoping that the run game just gets going a little better than it did last week. I think we all are. I think we all have to do things a little better to make that happen. I think playing at home and playing at home will make it a good energy."

On the difference between Pittsburgh and Cardinals 3-4 defense:

"There's a little bit of technique and a little bit of adjustments based on what they do with their formations and motions and things like that, that are different from Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh's front has been doing it forever. They're a little different from the way they 2-gap compared to what Arizona does. There are some difference and little techniques we have to be sharp on."

On Cardinals' DE Darnell Dockett:

"On his first and second down he's going to be to our right, at least on film he's going to be our right, their left, defensive end. You have to be aware of where he is at all times. He's that disruptive of a player. He can be a game wrecker if you allow it to happen and hopefully we can prevent that from happening with the run game and protections."

On Arizona's and Pittsburgh's front four:

"Pittsburgh's a little bit more of a skater. They really do a good job of it, especially with their D-ends. These guys are little more penetrating and a little bit more based on down and distance of what the situation is. If it's second and long you see more penetrating pass rush type mode from these guys compared to Pittsburgh's up front."

On handling the ball better:

"It fixes a lot of things. It certainly fixes the flow of things. It helps the play calling flow when you're getting some good chunks on first and second down. When it's a grind you're hitting a wall and it's hard to get in the flow for them, for me, and for everybody. It opens up a lot of things if you get it going."

On Cardinals' S Adrian Wilson:

"He's a really good player. He had a really big week last week, and that doesn't surprise me. He's another guy who, like Dockett, you have to be aware of where he is and what do you have to do to make sure he's not a factor and doesn't have a influence in the outcome of the scheme. He can, like he did last week. He's been that way. He's a good player."


On dictating the defense:**

"You can do that. That's not so much our intent, but we see if we can get that in specific fronts or specific coverages, get them out-flanked here or there with a shift or a motion, maybe a cadence to try to take advantage of guys that are jumping the snap. We're always trying to somehow get an advantage on them. Every time we go into a game is to try to somehow get them out of their comfort zone."

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