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Transcript: Mike McCarthy conference call


Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is impressed by the Falcons' offense and how it has been able to control the ball during games this year

On the Packers' defense:

"We're playing on very high level. We had a stretch there where some new players were added to our group and I just can't say enough about the players and the coaches getting everybody on the same page. I think that's a product of everybody having a full understanding of the system, and communication has really improved. They're playing fast and doing a great job of taking the ball away and keeping them out of the endzone."

On LB Clay Matthews:

"Clay Matthews has been an impact player for us. We were excited about playing him. We had the opportunity to draft him in the first round out of USC and he's everything we thought he would be. He plays our premiere rush position and has the ability to do everything we asked. He does a great job mentally moving around playing in and out of different concepts and schemes. He has a tremendous motor."

On the Falcons' offense and its efficiency moving and keeping the ball:

"They are very impressive in everything they do offensively with their ability to run the ball and the action in the set of plays that come off of that. I believe they are second in the league in third downs, so their ability to extend drives is also reflected in their time of possession. I'm very impressed with what they do offensively. I think (offensive coordinator) Mike Mularkey does an excellent job. Our defensive staff has been very impressed with what we've seen through our film study."

On making the transition from Brett Farve to Aaron Rodgers:

"We just really stay the course. We have an unbelievably stable organization. They have the resources and the support to make tough decisions and stay the course. Aaron Rodgers is a fine young man both personally and professionally. He's been everything and more than we've asked for. It's just really the leadership of this organization and also Aaron Rodgers that just steer the course."

On Tramon Williams' development:

"Tramon has had a tremendous year. I really can't say enough about Tramon. He's a free agent and came in here on our practice squad. He's so professional and he just keeps getting better and better each year. He's having, by far, his best year. He's had the opportunity to start and he's probably having the most productive year in the secondary. I'm just very proud of everything Tramon has accomplished so far."


On Roddy White:**

"Roddy is a fine receiver. He can do it all. He's big, strong, fast. He gets in and out of his breaks. He's having a heck of a year. I think he's very well coached. I think (wide receivers coach) Terry Robiskie does an excellent job, and we'll have a plan."

On Brent Grimes:

"Anybody from Pennsylvania I'm a fan of. I really liked him in his rookie season. He played us two years ago. I figured he's developed very well. He's done an excellent job making plays on the ball. He definitely an improved player from the last time we played him. He's a good, young corner."

On former Falcons RB Dimitri Nance:

"Dimitri is doing a great job. Dimitri is going to have an opportunity to play some this week. I know he's excited to get back down there and play in front of his friends. I can't say enough about him. He came in here and had to learn a new offense with totally different terminology, totally different language and he's done a very good job. He hasn't gotten as many opportunities as he probably would have liked at this point but he's better each week and we're going to give him some more opportunities."




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