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Transcript: Matt Ryan postgame interview


Opening statement:

"I thought today was a good effort by everybody, offensively, defensively and special teams. We made some plays when we needed to. I'm certainly happy to come away with the win."

On the play of the offense today:

"We got off to a fast start today. I think any week, you'd like to get off to a fast start. We were able to do that on the first drive. We moved the ball effectively and we ran the ball very well through the entire game, but specifically on that first drive. It was good to get off to a fast start and we kept that momentum going."


On the performance of RB Jason Snelling:**

"An unbelievable performance today by Jason Snelling, but that's something that we've come to expect out of him. He did a great job for us last year stepping in and filling in for a number of different games and different situations for us. You never like to see Mike [Turner] and Jerious [Norwood] go down, but when they do, we've got confidence in Jason and we can run our entire gameplan. Hats off to him. He ran the ball really well. He was superb in pass protection and catching the ball out of the backfield. He did a great job."


On the improvement of the team from week one to week two:**

"I think we definitely improved from week one to week two. Now, the most important thing is that we continue to improve. Obviously, we scored some points today and we're happy with the outcome. But I know when we go back and look at the tape, there's going to be a lot of areas for us to improve. Just leaving the field now, [we] understand that there were some plays to be made out there. I think the biggest thing is to remain confident. I think we've been confident all year and [it is important] to remain confident and to continue to improve."


On the confidence of the team:**

"Our confidence didn't waver at all this year. We felt like we showed up week to week in the preseason focus on improving and felt like we were doing that. We obviously scored more points today and made more plays than in week one, but again, I think there's room for improvement. That's something that we're going to work hard on. We were confident and I think we've been confident all year."


On what he took from the week one loss against Pittsburgh:**

"It was week one and I'm obviously frustrated to lose. But that said, you can't dwell on it too much. I think the best part about what we did this week was responding and working hard and getting back to practicing, then showing up and making big plays. That's probably the biggest thing."


On hearing criticism and the team's response to criticism:**

"Well, I think the biggest thing is to remain consistent within your routine. In this business and especially in this position, there's going to be a lot thrown at you. You need to have tunnel vision and remain focused on what's important. I think the biggest thing is understanding what's important. As a quarterback, I'm a believer in that your preparation is the most important thing, in that if you can continue to prepare the same way week in and week out regardless of what happened the week before, it's going to give you a chance when Sunday rolls around. I think I'm more mature, having been here for a couple of years, understanding how to do that."

On looking forward to next week against New Orleans:

"We didn't have next week in mind playing today. I think the biggest thing was to focus on getting a win and we were able to accomplish that. We're going to enjoy in tonight, because wins are very difficult to come across in this League. But tomorrow, it's back to work trying to improve on some of the things so that we go down to New Orleans, we can play well again."


On the progression from a team from week to week:**

"I think it depends, year-to-year and team-to-team. Obviously each team is different and each year is different. I've always been a believer in that the biggest jump is from week one to week to because you get used to playing the full duration of the game and you get back to the speed that is the regular season, which is certainly different than the preseason. I think we improved from week one to week two and now the challenge is to continue to make that improvement from week two to week three."

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