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Transcript: Matt Ryan post-practice interview


Summarize the first workout.

"I thought it was pretty good. Knocked off some of the rust. I think guys came back. I think mentally we were pretty sharp, we've got to get back to being physically (ready) and getting out bodies underneath us. All in all, I think it was a good first practice, good energy. And we've got to reproduce that this afternoon."

How much do you expect to be added to the offense this year?

"You know what, offensively I think it's about getting good, fine tuning what we're good at and continuing to get better with what we're good at. You know there's some additions here and there. There are some subtractions as well, but all in all I think we're pretty comfortable with what we do."

How about the heat?

"I think we got actually a little bit of a break this morning. It wasn't too bad, not too humid. Coach Smith and our trainers and our strength staff do a great job of getting us prepared before we come out, hydrated. The NFL now monitors it so well that you know you're not really concerned about it. You come out and you practice. It's going to be tough in the heat but mentally it makes you tougher."

What did you learn from seeing video of yourself and the offense in the offseason?

"I think, there's a number of different things we need to improve on, but I think the biggest thing that you see across the board is consistency. We need to be more consistent on first and second down. We need to be more consistent on third down. We need to be more consistent in the red zone. And those are all things that I think we're going to work really hard at. We had a really god install last night, good practice this morning, and we'll get into some tough situations later in camp. I think we can really make strides in the next couple of weeks."

How do you think WR Harry Douglas looked in his first practice back?

"Harry looked great this morning. You know he worked so hard this offseason, rehabbing his knew and getting back to healthy. He sent me a text the other night it said 'just got cleared by Dr. Andrews' and he was all excited. I sent him a text back, you know I was excited too and couldn't wait for him to get back out there. He had a huge smile on his face this morning because you know what, all of that hard work has paid off and he's back out doing what he loves to do. But he looked great this morning. He looks great running around flying around. I think he's going to be a huge addition for us to have him back this year."

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