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Transcript: Matt Ryan post-practice interview


Do you feel like the extra reps you get during camp help you in tight situations during the season?

"When you have crucial situations in games, like the ones we had last year you want to have something to fall back on. Training camp is a good time to get those reps in. We just finished up a goal-line period and red-zone period, where I think we're really productive. We executed on both sides of the ball, and those are the types of things you look for in training camp."

Does the team ever review film from training camp during the regular season?

"Early in the season I think you do a little bit. When you are game planning, you will go back and look at some of the things you did in training camp just to take a look at it. However, as you progress through the year you normally will collect so much game tape that you will use that film instead."

Who has stood out on both sides of the ball?

"Offensively, one of the good guys to see back is WR Harry Douglas. He has looked really good and really healthy. I've been impressed with his work ethic during the off season and that has continued throughout training camp. On the defensive side of the ball, there are a number of guys flying all around and doing a great a job. The usual suspects like LB Curtis [Lofton] played really well. However, I've been impressed with LB [Sean] Weatherspoon, he has done a good job. He is flying all around, but he has some things to learn. He is still getting adjusted to some of the game speed, but he has certainly done a good job for us the first week."

Do you feel like the offense is clicking as well as the defense has been?

"Our defense has played well at the start of training camp, but that is usually the way it goes. Offense is usually more time oriented and it takes a little more time to get back in the rhythm. We have been working hard, both in the meetings and on the field. We get a little better each day, and we have got a lot of installations happening too. A number of young guys are still learning the system as well, so it takes some time. However, I am confident that we will get all these things together and continue to improve during training camp."

Jacksonville Jaguars will be coming into town shortly, is that going to help the team's competitive edge?

"It will be a little different around here once we have a team up here visiting. I believe Jacksonville comes here on Monday, so we have about four or five days before they come in here, (jokingly) which is like an eternity during training camp. We are just trying to focus on today and getting better tomorrow."

During last year's training camp was there a point where you and TE Tony Gonzalez started to become more in sync?

"Definitely, a lot of that comes from training camp. Also it comes from work off the field; during meetings and being vocal about different things he saw and different things I saw. But that isn't only with him, that is also with WR Roddy [White] and WR Michael [Jenkins] and I feel like we have all continued to get to know each other better. It takes time and years to play with somebody to really know exactly what they are going to do and have that complete trust in them. We are making strides toward that. We have a lot of experience and a number of guys with game experience together so it will be a fun year. "

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