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Transcript: Matt Ryan Locker Room Interview


**On the Green Bay defense being a unit they can exploit:

**"The situations they've been in kind of don't tell the truth in the statistics. I still think it's a very good defense we're going against. Their front seven is physical. They've still got really talented linebackers and really talented guys in the secondary as well. Charles Woodson, he's still playing at a high level. He's made some good plays, does a lot of different things, moves around on the field for them. I think we've got our work cut out for us offensively."

**On what he can do to combat an aggressive linebacker unit like Green Bay's:

**"First of all, we have to identify where certain people are at and they do a lot of different things. (Green Bay Defensive Coordinator) Dom Capers does a great job of moving their guys around, trying to create confusion for an offense in identifying who is who. It's going to be important for us to identify who they are, protect things up and then try to make some plays on the outside."

**On the play of the offensive line:

**"I thought our offensive line did a great job last week versus Seattle. I think it'll be important not only that they play well but we all play well. When you go against a good football team like this, you need to play at a high level and I certainly think we're capable of doing that."

**On what was different about the start of last week's game:

**"I think we executed better. I think our effort has been consistent all year. I think guys have played hard. We just haven't executed at the level that we've done a little bit in the past and we've done at certain points this season. We came out last week and executed really well. We were good on third downs and we put ourselves in good third down situations. We were able to extend those drives. I think that was what was the difference in our start last week."

**On the importance of time of possession in this game:

**"It's important for us every week. The more you have the ball, the less they can score so it'll be important. As a player, it's something that they have to coach into that. You just have to try to execute plays as best you can."

**On getting RB Jacquizz Rodgers more playing time:

**"I don't think there's been any major discussion about that. I thought 'Quizz' did a great job for us last week. There's no doubt about that. He had some big plays in that game and made some big plays for us on crucial third down situations. I think everybody's just happy with the way he's progressed."

**On Harry Douglas being the odd-man out on the offense:

**"It's just the way that the football goes. Last week, it just seemed to find Julio (Jones) a bunch. Earlier in the year, it's found Tony (Gonzalez). Other weeks it's been Roddy (White). Week to week, the football kind of finds a different person and we're fortunate to have all of those guys."

**On having the running game more involved this week than in last year's Divisional Playoff against the Packers:

**"Last year is last year. That games' done. But one of things that we didn't do well last year was ball security. We turned the football over a couple of times, me specifically, especially in the first half and we put ourselves in a tough spot. It's difficult when you're down to be able to run the football the way you want to. I think it comes down to us protecting the football a little bit better than we did last year and that'll help us run the football."

**On the run-pass ratio last week:

**"We'd like to be balanced. In the games where we've thrown it 50 times, we've put ourselves in a tough spot early on and forced ourselves into that corner where we have to throw the football. We still feel that, regardless of what happens, we've got a chance every week, but certainly we'd like to throw the football and run the football and keep the defense off balance."

**On what has stood out in his two career wins against the Packers:

**"It's not just me. We've played well in the two times that we've gotten wins against them. The first was my rookie year up there. I thought we came out and played good. Both sides of the football, special teams were really good that day. Last year, we were very efficient. We won the turnover battle in the first game and that's something that's important against a good football team. It's no different than every other week in terms of that. You have to play well, you have to protect the football and you have to score points when you can."

**On whether Sunday night games feel different to him:

**"Absolutely. You're no different than anybody else when you come into it. You've watched Sunday Night Football, you've watched Monday Night Football your entire life and the more experience you have in playing in those types of situations, the more you get used to it. Certainly, having done it a number of times at this point, I feel a lot more comfortable handling those types of environments."

**On being able to put up 30 points in games where they aren't necessarily clicking on offense:

**"One of the things that we look at is that there's been spurts where we've been pretty good. If we can maintain that and be a little more consistent, we're going to give ourselves a chance week in and week out. I think the one thing that was constant in the first quarter is that we were inconsistent and that's hopefully one of the things we can do better this week."

**On putting together four quarters of quality football:

**"We made enough plays to win last week but you'd like to stretch it out through the entire game. It's been one of our focuses the last couple of weeks and we haven't been able to do that yet. I certainly think we're capable of doing it, there's no doubt about that. We just need to keep preparing well week in and week out and really have that mindset that it's going to take 60 minutes and we've got to lock in for 60 minutes and play well for 60 minutes."

**On whether there was a mindset that they were one play away from losing the game in Seattle:

**"I guess it never enters your mind that you're in that situation. Just for me, whatever happens, made kick or missed kick in that situation, we're going to have a little bit of time left on the clock. We've been in these situations before. My mindset was if he makes it, we've got to do this, that and the other. If he misses it, we got out and take a knee. You can't let those other things creep in."

**On how he feels, physically:

**"I feel good. My body feels good. I'm fresh and excited about this week. I feel good."

**On Green Bay DB Charles Woodson:

**"He's still playing at a high level, a really high level. He's really good outside and I think he's even better when he slides in because he can do more things. He's a really good pass rusher. He gets in their blitz package quite a bit. He's physical, he's good against the run, he's disruptive on slot routes. He tries to jam and create timing issues for quarterbacks and wide receivers so he's a good player."

**On what he sees from Green Bay's safeties Morgan Burnett and Charlie Peprah:

**"It's always difficult to replace Nick Collins. He's a great player, but I think both of those guys have come in and done a really good job. They've been seeing a lot of passes against them just because they've been in the lead, so they've had a lot of pass attempts against them. We know they're talented, we know they're solid and they've got good corner help too."

**On what Capers is trying going to the 4-2 scheme:

**"It creates some problems for you when you're in your base personnel and they're in their nickel personnel for identification purposes. That's something we're going to have to be on top of this week and certainly something we're preparing for."

**On what that defense does for the no-huddle:

**"I don't think it really affects us too much. I think just like when we're in the huddle, it comes down to identification and understanding that certain things are good against what they do in their 3-4 scheme, certain things are good against their nickel 42 set. We just have to prepare that way."

**On Green Bay LB Clay Matthews:

**"In terms of setting the front and doing those kinds of things in pass protection, he certainly is one of the guys that you have to identify. You know really in the front seven, you have to identify where he is. LB A.J. Hawk kind of sets the front for them too and then in the secondary, it's Woodson. It's one of those weeks where you have a couple of guys you have got to identify."

**On Green Bay being one of the few teams where you have to identify both layers of the defense:

**"It certainly is and Dom does a great job of forcing you to be on top of your game snap after snap. It's a week where our preparation is going to be really important. I think guys will be really well prepared when we get there and having had experience against them twice last year, there are things to go off."

**On whether his interception for a touchdown in the playoffs has stuck with him:

**"I think it's one of those things you need to learn from, especially when your last game kind of ends that way. We certainly didn't play as well as we would like to but we ran into a team that was playing really well. You know, it takes a little while to get over but you have to move past it, you have to learn from it and I think, not only myself, I know I used it as motivation throughout the offseason. But I think you have to put it past you. That's part of playing in this League is you're going to make some mistakes and you're going to make some plays that don't go the way you want. It's how you respond to those types of things and I think I've had the right response."

**On having help identifying multiple looks after he's taken hits during games:

**"You've got to shake out the cobwebs. Luckily, we have good guys around me that can help in that. Our offensive line has done a great job in identifying against these guys in the past."

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