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Transcript: Matt Ryan Interview


Quarterback Matt Ryan discussed his preparation for Saturday's game during Tuesday's huddle with the Atlanta media

On whether the weather has affected his overall preparation at all:

"I don't think so. I don't think it's affected my preparation at all. You have to wake up a couple of minutes earlier and allow for a little bit longer travel time on the way in and on the way home, but when we're here at work I think everybody's been really focused in and extremely productive our first two days of preparation."

On whether he had planned out different scenarios based on last weekend's games:

"Yeah. We had three possible teams that we were going to play coming out of last weekend. You do a little bit of work last week of taking a look at who we could possibly play. All three of the teams were teams that we had played prior in the year so I reviewed my notes from the first time we went against all three of those teams. Then when we found out who it was, I started to get to work on them on Sunday night."

On what notes he keeps:

"I'm kind of old school so it's not on a computer or anything like that. It's just paper and pencil which is real old school. That's what it is, just taking notes from that week of preparation. What we thought that week going into it, our previous game plan and taking a look at a number of those things and then some notes from after the game of what we saw. You try to review that stuff as best you can, with that said, they'll probably change a couple things here and there just like we will."

On what he has seen the Packers do differently since the last time they played them:

"I watched what they did last week and I think there's five or six games since the last time we played them. I think one of the things is they've been very good up front. They've been really good against the run and really good in terms of pass rush the last five or six weeks. I thought they were really good with that this previous Sunday. Again, their secondary is one of the best in the league. They've got two Pro Bowlers, probably could've been three and guys that are really good cover guys but also are really good at playing the ball. It's a really good defense that's the one thing that hasn't changed when you look at them on tape."

On whether he has to make quicker reads against this defense:

"There are certain things you have to adjust to quicker than some other defenses that you play against just because there's a lot of different looks that you get. With that said, like every week, you don't want to be out there playing too fast. Sometimes as a quarterback that can hurt you."

On whether the way the offense played them the first time is how you need to play:

"Ultimately, it depends on how the game shakes out. If it plays out similar to how it did last time, that's kind of the approach you take. You have to take what's there. We were pretty efficient the first time we played them. You just don't know how those games are going to shake out. Situational football kind of dictates how you play the position."

On the importance of the run game:

"I think it will be important for us to run the football effectively. RB Michael Turner did a great job running the football the last time we played them and our offensive line did a great job. I expect them to maybe do a couple things differently against our run scheme and we'll figure out what that is and try to adjust to that pretty quick. It doesn't change for us. We like to be pretty balanced. We like to run the football effectively and throw the football effectively and figure out through the course of the game whatever we need to do to win."

On whether he expects more than a 20-17 game this weekend:

"It's two good offenses and at the same time I think it's two very good defenses. I'm just hoping that we have one more point than they do at the end of the game."

On home-field advantage:

"I think that the fans have been awesome this year. I think the dome has been a tough place for teams to come in and play this year. The atmosphere has been electric. I think specifically for us offensively, it's a benefit to be at home. You can communicate a lot easier. There's not as much noise when we're on offense. We need our fans to be quiet when we're on offense and they've done a good job of that so we can communicate pretty well. I think it's advantageous for us."

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