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Transcript: Matt Ryan AM post-practice interview


On practicing with New England

"We had a good morning worth of work against New England's defense. We saw some different things. We had some good work against the 3-4 scheme. It was a productive morning and a good change of pace."

On the weather at combined practice

"I am happy that they brought the rain down from the Boston area. It has been brutal the last two weeks, very hot. It was a nice change of pace today with the weather. However, maybe this afternoon they will get a taste of a Georgia summer."

On speaking with QB Tom Brady

"I did say hello to him this morning before practice. That was pretty much it. It is good to see him, and I am glad they are down here. It is good to catch up with him, but that is about the extent of it."

On tempo of combined practice

"For a shells practice, it was about the same. There wasn't as much "thudding", which is actually a good thing against another team. They came in and practiced the right way and so did we. The tempo was pretty good."

On other teams' quarterbacks and their philosophies

"Everybody is protective of their competitive advantage. Whatever [Patriots QB]Tom [Brady] has been doing has worked because he has been extremely productive over the course of his career. But even more than X's and O's and training tips, it is just good to get to know other guys. I watched Tom all through college, at Boston [College], which was right through their three Super Bowl runs. It was good to finally meet him last year and talk to him today."

On if he has emulated anything from Patriots QB Tom Brady

"Not really. Everybody has their own individual style when they go out and play. The biggest thing that you may try to emulate is his consistency, not his throwing motion or footwork. He has had a level of consistency that is evident year in and year out, week in and week out. That is the number one thing I would try to do that he has done."

On RB Jerious Norwood being back at practice

"Good to have 'Wood' back. He is a huge part of what we do here offensively. You never want to see a guy go down, but it kind of happened at a good time. It was early in training camp when he went down and he has plenty of time to get his feet back underneath him before the regular season. He has been working hard in the training room so it is good to have him back."

On WR Harry Douglas

"It was encouraging. He caught a deep ball in the end-zone. But he bounced right back up. I don't want to speak for him, but I think it is good for his confidence. I think he knows that he is feeling better and can still make the plays he did two years ago."

On observing Patriots QB Tom Brady in college

"It is impossible not to see him when you live in Boston because of his star power. I've watched him from a distance and was impressed with how he has handled himself. He was always classy and did things the right way, but that was the extent of it."

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