Transcript: Ken Whisenhunt conference call


On the quarterback situation and how QB Derek Anderson is fitting in:

"Obviously, the first game as with a lot of our players, there's a bit of an acclamation process, but what really stood out was his toughness and how he stood in the pocket. I think that our offense certainly feels comfortable with him in there and they're rallying around him. That's what you want to see, that's the reason that he's in there. Because I felt like there was good chemistry with him and the team responded to him. We're excited about continuing this process."

On whether they need to do anything to help get Anderson and WR Larry Fitzgerald on the same page:

"I think if we just continue with that, that it will work itself out. I have every bit of confidence in both of those guys that they'll get on the same page. We just need more reps with each other and we're certainly getting that in practice and we'll obviously do that in the game."

On the injury report update on RB Beanie Wells and WR Early Doucet:

"He (Wells) did some limited work today. We're going to really test him tomorrow and hope with the idea that he'll practice Friday and have a chance to play on Sunday. We're getting Early (Doucet) checked out, he went to see the doctor today. Thought it was his groin, so we're waiting on the information back on that."

On WR Steve Breaston emerging into the number two receiver role:

"Well we've seen Steve a number of games in that role when (former Cardinal) Anquan (Boldin) didn't go. I think as a matter of fact we were 6-2 or some number there with games where Anquan didn't start. We're obviously comfortable with Steve in that role and he's shown that he can be successful in that role, so I'm not surprised with what I saw in the game this past Sunday. The way he's worked and how he's made himself into an outstanding receiver I think we all have great respect for."

On whether he sees the Falcons as an ascending team:

"Absolutely I do. They are a good football team. It doesn't take a lot of tape to watch them to realize they are a very well coached football team that plays together well. They play with a lot of energy and they obviously have a number of playmakers."

On TE Tony Gonzalez and his ability to make plays at this stage in his career:

"I definitely think that there is chemistry between Tony and the quarterback and that's what's always important. I know if you put the ball in his area, that he's going to catch the ball. He's had such a good feel for understanding what he needs to do to be successful. He's definitely a threat, somebody that you need to prepare for defensively. I have a lot of respect for the number of years that he's played and the quality at which he's still playing."

On whether Gonzalez is still an effective blocker:

"I think he's always been a blocker that you have to take into account. It's not like some of the tight ends that are just receivers. He's not as dominating as some of the 275 pound tight ends that you see in the League. But he is an effective blocker and in their scheme, what he's asked to do he definitely performs well."

On S Adrian Wilson's game:

"I think obviously you have a comfort level with Adrian from the standpoint of his ability to make plays and be a disruptive force. I think it was critical for us in that game that he make the plays that he did, it was a big part of the reason that we were able to win it. He's shown a history of doing that for us in big games making plays like that. He has a lot of versatility from his ability as a blitzer. He showed his ability in coverage last week with two interceptions. He's even a good leader for us now which is something that you've really seen him grow into that role and it means a lot to our team."

On whether he sees the Falcons do things differently at home than they do on the road:

"I've seen them play in both places and they play good football in both places. I have a lot of respect for that because that's the same thing that we've tried to do at University of Phoenix Stadium, and that is have home field advantage. We know it's going to be a tough atmosphere to come in there and play. He (Head Coach Mike Smith) has done a very good job with that."

On whether he saw how Pittsburgh was able to shut down the running game so effectively:

"Pittsburgh has done that to a lot of people. I've been there when that defense was on my side and I've been there against that defense most notably in the Super Bowl, it's a difficult defense. They have a number of players that have been in that scheme and they play it very well. It is a tough defense to run the ball on. I felt like the Falcons had success moving the ball against them especially in their place which is always hard. I didn't see that they had anything on Atlanta other than just playing their defense."

On whether he believes the talent on the Falcons defense is readily apparent:

"I think that the two that really stand out are the inside linebackers, Lofton and Weatherspoon. Both of them are good young players. They really stand out when you're watching the tape as far as being able to make plays, being aggressive, good blitzers. They do have a lot of young talent. We're in similar situation with our team. We have some youth that we're excited about as well. You know that during the course of the game there's going to be some situations where they may make some mistakes and you have to live with that. You definitely see Atlanta's talent with some of their young players."

On the development of DE Calais Campbell:

"Last year when he took over for Antonio Smith, who left in free agency, there were a lot of questions. Not necessarily from us, but from outsiders about his ability to fill that role and I think we were all more than excited when he did that. He's a guy that worked very hard in our offseason program. He worked his way into the starting lineup by playing on a number of our special teams and doing a good job there and you don't often see a six foot eight guy running down the field covering kicks for your team. That lends you to see what type of athletic ability he has. I have to give him a lot of credit, he's worked very hard on his technique which is very hard for a guy that tall playing defensive line to stay low. Obviously he's grown into that position and become a very good player for us."

On whether he sees QB Matt Ryan as a star in the making:

"I don't know about making, I think he already is. He's a very good quarterback. I have obviously watched a lot of tape on him from the '08 season when we played them in the playoffs. I thought he did a great job then. I still see a lot of the things that you want to see in a quarterback and you get excited about. Definitely gives you some concerns defensively about his ability to make all the throws as well as see what the defensive is doing to you and attack them."

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