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Transcript: John Harbaugh postgame news conference


Opening Statement:

First off, it was a hard fought game in a great environment for the Thursday night in the NFL. It was exciting to play against a playoff-caliber football team. I like the way our guys fought and fought back from a second-half deficit. We're obviously disappointed with the outcome."


On Roddy White pushing off for the fourth quarter touchdown:**

"Yeah, I saw. I'm not going to give an opinion on it because I think all you guys saw it and can make your own opinion. We were fighting like crazy to try to cover him and try to get there and get him stopped."


On the play of Matt Ryan:**

"I though Matt Ryan played well. Obviously, he is one of the premiere quarterbacks in our league. Matt played well and made a lot of good decisions and a lot of tight throws. He has a great receiving corps and its going to be a team to be reckoned with throughout the rest of the season."


On challenging Michael Jenkins' catch:**

"I'm not going to comment on that stuff. They're in the booth and they do the best they can. They make the decisions they make and that's that."

On making changes to the pass rush:

"It was probably very important. I think we did a better job of getting a feel for the pass rush in the second half. This is a team that is built for the dome, built for the turf, and I think they've got a very quick and aggressive four-man rush. It's always difficult when you play a team in their place, on their turf, and with the crowd noise. They did a very nice job with that but we handled it a lot better in the second half."

On performance of Joe Flacco:

"All the guys did well and I put Joe at the head of it because he is the quarterback, but the pass protection was a big part of our comeback. Joe scrambled and made a couple things happen. That's what we are trying to build. There are a couple areas, especially in the first half that we didn't handle the way we needed to handle. I think being in this kind of environment this early in the season is going to pay off for us later on down the road."

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