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Transcript: John Fox Postgame News Conference


Panthers head coach John Fox said the bright spot of his team's day was the running game, despite giving up a fumble on the first play of the game

On Injuries

Everette Brown left the game with a wrist injury. Don't know the status, but he did not return.

On Armanti Edwards

I tried to get Armanti on the field all season. He's making a big transition at the receiver position. I'm not sure that people in the league evaluated him as an NFL quarterback. He does have some abilities in that area. As you can tell we have to spend quite a bit of time running our regular offense with any kind of consistency. As much as you get tempted, it's hard to do all of that in a week's work with the way we are executing at this point, in particular in the passing game.

On the passing game

It's been a sore spot all season regardless of who the quarterback has been. We've been in transition offensively in a variety of different positions. We are a work in progress to put it mildly. It's not just the quarterback. There are a lot of moving parts in the pass game. I don't know what else to tell you other than it's not up to speed at this point. We ran the ball efficiently. We blocked well. We ran it well. Unfortunately, that's kind of been our song.

On the fourth down sack

No. 33 (Mike Goodson) in the right flat. It didn't work out that way. We went backwards a little bit. That wasn't the design. It was supposed to come out quick to Mike Goodson in the flat. He's a pretty good matcher on their linebackers. We didn't execute that one very well.

On the run game

We come out the first play of the game and run the ball but unfortunately it's a fumble and we're down 7-0 within a minute. On the day, I'd say that was our bright spot offensively, running the ball.

On Jordan Senn

We just found out yesterday that he would be starting for us. Jason Williams had an MRI and he has a ligament issue. We went into the game with five linebackers. Typically we have six or seven. Without seeing the tape, it's hard for me to say how he played at this point.

On the small crowd

I don't really stand back and look but at 1-11 coming into today, it doesn't totally surprise me. I can hardly blame our fans.

On getting the team to play hard

I think it's pride and the type of guys you have. There are still guys working their tails off whether you reverse the record or not. That is going to be the case until the season is over. I think it's been the case thus far. I think it's an experienced staff. We have good guys. People's character that won't do that is really everybody in there from the training staff, coaching staff, players, anybody who works in that locker room and the hours that we work.

On the pass rush

Defensively we had a pick and some sacks. Offensively in the run game, I thought we rushed the ball efficiently. So, there are some areas where we are growing and getting better, but just not to the point where it's getting us the results we want and that's a W.

On the passing game

It's a lot of moving parts. There are blitzes but that's not new to us. We've gotten blitzed quite a bit on the season. Typically that is what happens when you are where we are in the pass game. I don't think it will change anytime soon. Anytime you're blitzed it hurries things up a bit and we just haven't executed as well as we need to.

On putting together a full game

The best way I can answer that is in our current state, it's hard. It's not an excuse. Guys are working their butts off. We are a little short right now and that's the reality.

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