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Transcript: Jimmy Clausen Conference Call


Carolina quarterback Jimmy Clausen is impressed by the steady progression of the Falcons' secondary this season

On Falcons' defense:

"Starting with their front seven, they get to the passer really well and try to disrupt the run game by a twist in the front four. Their linebackers fill the gaps real fast. The secondary is just a quick secondary, gets to the ball real well and makes a lot of plays."

On the Panthers' season:

"Obviously, it's not where we want to be. We're 1-11 right now but we are where we are and we're just trying to finish up the season and finish up the season strong here in the fourth quarter, which is what we call it here in Carolina. We're trying to come out and execute on all three phases of the ball and try to get a 'W' on Sunday."

On the confidence booster of the Falcons historically not playing well at Carolina:

"I think our focus is on our play and what we need to do to win the game and not really focusing on the Falcons coming here. We just need to focus on everything we need to do to execute, play fast and play smart football to win the game."

On the improvement of the Falcons' secondary:

"They are making a lot plays and as you can see from the game last week, they are making a lot of plays at the corner position. (Brent) Grimes made two great plays last week on the two interceptions (one was reversed on a challenge). They just make a lot of plays, get to the ball real quick, and just try to cause havoc."

On Brent Grimes:

"He's a fast corner and definitely makes plays. He breaks on the ball real well. We're going to have to do a good job of looking out for safeties and trying to get the ball outside. Like I said, he's a real good corner, a quick corner and makes a lot of plays."

On other teams targeting Dunta Robinson:

"I don't necessarily see it like that. I think a lot of times it's just progressions that quarterbacks are reading and teams are reading. Sometimes they try to go after him instead of Dunta, but at the same time you just have to run the offense."

On putting a game together after big leads:

"That's the biggest thing Coach (John) Fox talks about is finishing off games. We're playing real hard and tough and we just have to keep playing smarter and finishing off games. We're playing real hard and tough. We just have to play smarter and finishing games. We a big lead in the first half, and we just couldn't come out and finish the game in the second half. That's what we're trying to do this coming weekend."

On the running game:

"The offensive line is doing a great job of creating holes for the running back. (Jonathan Stewart) and (Mike Goodson) have done a great job of hitting those holes and making runs on the field."

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