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Transcript: Head Coach Mike Smith AM post-practice interview


On how he felt the combined practice went:

"I thought it went well. The guys did what we asked them to do, come out here and compete. We stayed on our feet. When you're in shells like that that's a thing that you want to have happen. I thought the guys worked extremely hard."

On WR Harry Douglas and how he thought he did in practice:

"Harry is coming back. I didn't get a chance to see our offense practice today; I was over on the defensive side of the field so I don't know how his practice went today or the offensive side. Harry is really progressing well and we're on time to get him in the game on Thursday night."

On what he saw watching the defense practice:

"They're a talented offense. We saw a great quarterback and a great wide receiver. I saw our guys out there competing with them and that's the thing we've got to go out and do."

On if he saw Patriots WR Randy Moss' one handed catch:

"I saw his one handed catch. He had a nice catch out there. Again, I thought it was a very spirited practice. We started it off with some situations and got that done and we moved on. We just had a normal practice just like we would do if we were practicing against ourselves."

On what CB Brent Grimes missed by not participating in practice:

"I think anytime you miss [practice], you're missing an opportunity to compete against some really good players. It's something that you want your guys to do. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to work with us today. We've got to get our guys healthy. Our main goal is come September 12, we have as many guys healthy as we can."

On how important it is for the offensive linemen to go against a defensive front like New England's:

"I think it's huge for us. Not only the caliber of the players that they have on their roster, but also the schemes. Seeing a new scheme is very, very important for us. The 3-4 is something that we're going to see early in the season, three of our first four opponents. I think it's invaluable the work that we got today."

On if the Patriots wide receivers and the patterns they run are similar to the Saints and if it's beneficial:

"I think so. I think your work that you're getting; most teams run the same types of concepts. It's just different personnel and different guys that you're having to defend. The patterns that most teams run in this League are pretty consistent. It's really about the match-ups and being able to match up and put yourself in the best possible situation."

On how he felt the defensive backs performed in practice:

"Again, I watched it live and I'm sure when I watch the tape it will be a little different perspective. I thought that it was very competitive throughout the entire practice. We got what we wanted to get out of it."

On DB Brian Williams and his action in practice:

"From the very beginning our plan was to bring him back and bring him back on a time frame looking to get him back into the third game and that's still where we're headed right now. I think he's starting to ramp it up, this was his first day of really going all the way through. This was really the most extensive action that he's had."

On whether he believes the team's overall intensity is better when an opposing team is there with them:

"I think that the intensity is better and the concentration as well. I think when you're going against another team it really ramps up the concentration."

On if any Patriots players jumped out at him during practice:

"I saw some really good plays on both sides of the football. That quarterback is up there, QB Tom (Brady) is amazing. I never had an opportunity to really see him and stand right there in the huddle. You see why he's had the success he's had. You see why WR Randy (Moss) has had the success that he's had. There are some really good players on that team."

On what sticks out about Patriots QB Tom Brady:

"Tom's body language, his demeanor. He's got a great grasp of the offense he's putting guys in the right spots. He's making corrections after plays are over. You see why he's been to those Pro Bowls."

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