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Transcript: Falcons vs. Bengals

Head coach Mike Smith
Opening statement:
"Preseason games are an opportunity for us to evaluate our roster. A lot of young players and those young players are guys that are fighting for spots on our roster. I think we got a chance to do that tonight. We got a lot of young guys to get in there and get some plays. It's obvious that we have a lot of work to do with those young guys. We'll spend tomorrow looking at the tape. We'll regroup with the team on Saturday and get back to work."

On the first team's action tonight:
"We got the number of reps we wanted that we had marked for those guys. I thought that on the offensive side of the ball we have to be more efficient in the red zone. We had the opportunity to put 7 on the board when we got in the red zone; we ended up kicking a field goal. I thought defensively the first group held its own. I don't believe they gave up any points in the ball game. For the limited number of snaps they participated in tonight, I felt it was pretty good. I did like some of the young players that played beyond the first quarter; they did some nice things."

On the right tackles:
"Well again, until I really watch the tape, I don't know that I can give you a true evaluation. I thought that there were some run plays that we blocked well and there were some that we didn't. Again, that's part of this evaluation process in the preseason. I thought Matt was efficient, he was 6 of 9, and Harry had an explosive play. We had a couple of other opportunities I thought with the first group to have positive plays."

On the linebacker scheme changes:
"We've got some personnel that are playing in different positions. Again, we want to have as much flexibility as we possibly can. It gives us as a coaching staff the ability to work on the proper type of match ups. I will say this, I thought our young corners did a nice job in their play.    Robert Alford came in right after the first series, had some extended play and made a really nice play on an in-run force. I thought Desmond Trufant played well at a couple of positions. We played him at corner and the nickel corner."

On possibly bringing in another tackle based on one game:
"We're going to evaluate this tape; we've got to make that decision. We're not going to evaluate it on one game. I thought that both Lamar and Schraeder did a nice job in there tonight. That is something that until we watch the tape, we will not really have an evaluation. It's really hard standing on the sideline to evaluate who played well and who didn't."

On Paul Worrilow making tackles:
"Yes he did; he had a really good sequence there. Paul has done a very nice job for us. He can play all three positions which is great for a rookie. He had an opportunity there in the red zone, had a pass break up, and had a couple of really nice tackles, and I think he did some really nice things on special teams as well. We talk about offense and defense; we can't give up a punt return. You give up a punt return or a block punt in a game and they're really hard to come back and overcome. We've got a lot of things to work on, all three phases as well, before we get back on the field next week."

Linebacker Brian BanksOn getting his first tackle:
"I was motivated. I was like I got to pick up a tackle. I got to get at least one tackle. I picked up two, so it was pretty cool."

On hearing the crowd when his name was announced:
"It was definitely a good feeling. It was one of those things where, coming from where you're coming from... just to have people support you chasing a dream. I mean these guys have been working on this all their life. From pop-warner to high school to college, this is what they've been doing. For them to accept me, and let me be a part of it, and just get out here and play and show what I can do is more than I can ask for. I was just really excited to see these guys play today. I really was."

On getting playing time:
"It was good to get some reps in. I know the game wasn't really where we wanted it to be, so I understood the whole aspect of how rotation would probably be, but coach still found some time to get me in there and get some reps. So, I was happy about that.

On walking through the tunnel for the first time:
"It was out of control. Just running out there, the flames, the cheers and the crowd, it was emotional; it really was. I wasn't nervous at all. I wasn't over-excited or anything, but just running out of that tunnel, I mean, the adrenaline that comes with that is just indescribable. It's better than any rollercoaster ride you can ever get on. It was a really good feeling, and then just to be on the sideline and to hear all the veterans tell you, 'Man when your turn comes, when they call your number just play.' Just the support and love from everybody is more than I can ask for."

Quarterback Dominique DavisOn first preseason game:
"I'm hard on myself. I'm my biggest critic, and I think I played horrible. In the first half, that pick I threw was just a dumb decision, but I got to keep pushing through. I got to keep playing football, and I'm glad I came back that second half and got a drive together and got a touchdown going, but still a lot of room for improvement. Just learn from my mistakes, and try to get better at that."

On throwing that pick:
"It was a bad decision. I was trying to do too much. I was trying to be too much of a playmaker. Sometimes you just have to throw it away and cut down your problems, and I didn't do that."

On throwing the ball down the field:
"Whatever they give, I take what they give me. If they give me a look where I can throw a deep ball, then that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to stay aggressive, and put it up there and let my receivers make plays."

Running back Jason Snelling
How are you feeling about the game tonight:
"I feel good. Tonight was just a stepping stone. Of course we come out here to win every game, but we didn't get the victory. This was an opportunity to get some stuff on tape so that we can evaluate ourselves. But we do have a lot to build on before the regular season begins."

Based off of tonight's game, what are some strong points that you all must work on:
"The phase one of the beginning of the game was perfect tonight. We just need to get back to square one, keep playing physical, eliminate mistakes, that's pretty much it. But we still have got a lot of work to do."

What is the biggest goal this season for yourself and the team:
"To be relevant in December, go to the payoffs, and to be able to play in the big show. Of course that is a long ways away. But we're going to take it one game a time, and continue to work on getting better as the season progresses."

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