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Transcript: Brian VanGorder post-practice interview


Opening Statement:

"Our desire was to really be in mid-season form in the first ballgame, and we certainly were not there. I think that showed in the area of technique and some fundamentals. That's really been our quest this week is to improve that and get better."

On the possibility of S William Moore starting for S Erik Coleman:

"I think his big challenge as a yard player and being out there for the first time as a starter, is just going to be consistency. He's a physical player that has great speed, so you're going to see those kinds of flashes from him. Consistency and doing his job in a good, fundamental way is going to be the challenge."

On the good performance of various defenses around the NFL:

"We're all battling the same thing right now and trying to get into mid-season form, and get guys on top of all the situations that go on during a game. Through the preseason, I think you get enough snaps to really be ready to say that you can do that."

On the misfit at the end of the Pittsburgh game:

"You're going to have those situations. It's not a perfect game, even though our desire is to play perfect. You're going to have fit issues. You're not going to have many of them but when you do, you hope somebody is going to make a play and get you out of a misfit. We had plenty of opportunities to do that. It's never just one guy. It's a group of guys that are responsible, as well as coaches."

On third-down efficiency:

"That's an area of emphasis following a year ago and through the preseason. It's been good but it's too early to tell. The name of the game is consistency. We've just got to keep emphasizing it and keep readying ourselves each week, and then we've got to go out and get it done."

On Cardinals QB Derek Anderson:

"He can get hot. He's a rhythm quarterback that can get high throws and that's the competition and the battle; to not let him get in good rhythm through a game so you're not seeing the rhythm and consistency in the quarterback."

On Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald:

"He's a difficult guy to defend because he's one of the best in the league with a ball in the air. I think that's where he's always been really special in my mind. The way he can go up and catch the ball. Of course he's got a good size advantage in most cases and he's just excellent with his hands and the strength of his hands and catching the football."

On rookie LB Sean Weatherspoon:

"He's still learning. Schematically, he's trying to gain all of the knowledge necessary for different required reactions. In terms of the reactions in the NFL, it just happens so much faster. You better be right and you better be right, right away. He's realized that's kind of his battle as he goes through the rookie process. I think he manages it well. I think you'll see him as he gains more comfort. I think you'll see more of the enthusiasm and see him a little more vocal, but I think he's handled the growth exactly like he needs to up to this point."

On performance of Falcons' defense in Week 1:

"Our guys expect to be good. We were 11th in the league in scoring two years ago. I think we tied for 12th, and somehow ended up being 14th. Our guys expect to play well and you don't get into too much of that kind of talk as far as how many points a team scores in a losing effort. It's all about finding ways to win. That's how we have to look at it. Instead of talking about the overtime situation, we're going to talk about a lot of the situations that occurred during the 9-9 game, that we maybe had opportunities to change during the game. Our guys have a lot of pride and they expect to be good each and every Sunday."

On Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald and WR Steve Breaston:

"(Breaston) doesn't bring the size and the strength to the game that Larry Fitzgerald does. He's got big play capabilities. He can take a short catch or a medium-throw catch and turn it into a big play. Again, Fitzgerald's big plays, in my mind, have always come down the field and through the long ball where he uses his size and strength so well. Fitzgerald's a very refined receiver where Breaston is really an ascending receiver that continues to get better and possesses the big play ability."

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