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Top 5 signature moments of Roddy White's career with the Atlanta Falcons

Roddy White's charismatic personality and his special talent on the field won over the hearts of Falcons fans.

Whether it was his backflips in the end zone after touchdowns, his colorful suits when traveling to away games or his pre-game introduction coming out of the tunnel, White made his presence known at all times.

White, the Falcons' all-time leading receiver, amassed 10,863 yards on 808 receptions and 63 touchdowns in his 11-year career. He earned four Pro Bowl honors and posted six consecutive 1,000-yard seasons.

Not only was White instrumental to Atlanta's success on the field from 2005-16, his presence in the locker room made him even more valuable to the organization. White took Julio Jones under his wing from Day 1, helping groom the Falcons' current superstar. He was also Matt Ryan's No. 1 target for many seasons.

Below are his five signature moments as a Falcon.

1. White's 47-yard touchdown over Richard Sherman in Atlanta's Divisional Round playoff win versus the Seahawks

Jan. 13, 2013: After a week in which Seattle's Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman did some trash talking of White, Atlanta's all-time leading receiver let his play do the talking. On first-and-10 in the second quarter, White blew past Sherman down the field for a 47-yard touchdown play. Following his score, White immediately got in Sherman's face where the trash talking continued. The Falcons went on to beat the Seahawks, 30-28.

2. White's 62-yard catch versus the Carolina Panthers

Sept. 30, 2012: With a little over a minute to go in regulation with the Falcons starting at their own 1-yard line without any timeouts left, Matt Ryan dropped back into the end zone and found Roddy White down the field, for a 59-yard gain over Carolina safety Haruki Nakamura that put the Falcons in Carolina territory. Kicker Matt Bryant then went on to hit a 40-yard field goal with 0:05 left on the clock.

3. White forces game-saving fumble versus the San Francisco 49ers

Oct. 3, 2010: Roddy White has always had Matt Ryan's back. When 49ers' cornerback Nate Clements picked off Ryan with a 1:26 on the clock in the fourth quarter, White darted down the field, chasing Clements, eventually knocking the ball out of his hands. The Falcons recovered the fumble and won the game.

4. White's impressive fingertip touchdown catch versus the Detroit Lions

Dec. 22, 2012: On second-and-5 early in the second quarter with Matt Ryan lined up in the shotgun, Atlanta's quarterback found Roddy White in the end zone where he hauled in the ball with his fingertips for a 39-yard touchdown play. A catch so spectacular, ESPN's "Sports Science" did a feature on it as their play of the week.

5. And of course, all nine of White's touchdown catches versus the New Orleans Saints

Roddy White was a part of the Falcons vs. Saints rivalry for 11 years, always making his presence known during their battles.

White recorded nine memorable touchdown catches versus New Orleans.

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