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Top 5 Quotes from the Locker Room This Week

Patrick DiMarco, on the opportunity to bring Atlanta its first Super Bowl title:
"This fanbase has been awesome. I've been here four years now, and they're just such loyal, great fans. Our playoff run this year, just how nuts the Dome has been -- definitely an extra incentive to bring the Lombardi home to Atlanta for the first time. We want to reward the city for all the hard work that's been done. We definitely talk about it. We're not going to let this situation slip away. It's something we worked really hard for, and we're excited for the opportunity."

Dwight Freeney, on Matt Ryan:
"He's a great leader, man. The thing is, he's a guy who controls that offense, and he gets the guys lined up in the right place. He has all those tools that I've seen from great quarterbacks that I've been around. Making sure, taking command of the position that he has on this team -- and definitely with the offense. I'm just happy to be part of another situation where we have a quarterback like that playing how he is."

Matt Bryant, on making his first Super Bowl at 41 years old:
"It's funny, because after the NFC Championship Game, I wanted to tell all the rookies, 'You know it's not this easy, right? You don't just come into the league and come to the Super Bowl.' But really, it's good for those guys, and being here 15 years, it's something to appreciate. I'm just going to approach the kicks like I've always approached them. Based upon that, I've been pretty successful in the past. So that's just my goal -- to go out there, keep my head down and kick through the ball."

Ricardo Allen, on the growth of Atlanta's rookies on defense:
"It's just amazing, man, because from where they started and where they are, it's just a whole different team. It just goes to show you what the leaders in this room have done, and what the coaches have implemented -- it actually works, man. It's just good to see the development of their youth. They're all really good players now."

Freeney, on the importance of pressuring Tom Brady:
"I think that is the key to most games when you're playing marquee quarterbacks. You want to get pressure. How do you get pressure? Most times, it's from the defensive line front, unless you're Pittsburgh and you blitz all the time. But I think that doesn't change for us week to week, regardless of who we're playing. It's not like all of the sudden we're like, 'Oh no, we're playing Tom Brady and we have to get pressure on the quarterback.' This is something we've always been focused on every single week no matter who the quarterback is. That's the good thing: we don't have to relearn something, do something new. We just do we what we do and just go out and try to create havoc and get him off his spot and get some sacks."

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