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Three And Out: What They're Saying


If it's Wednesday morning, then most large media outlets must have have their NFL power rankings out. Time to take a peak. Looks like a consensus is developing around the Falcons as a playoff team.

First Down

Let's start with the "Worldwide Leader." With their 45-10 win at San Francisco, moved the Falcons up one spot to No. 8. The comment: "Matt Ryan & Co. seemed like a playoff team during their dismantling of the 49ers. Take it as a good sign for Atlanta."

Second Down

Up next, The Falcons remained at No. 10. That would be explained by the Bengals (No. 7) and Broncos (No. 6) each jumping ahead of the Falcons by six spots apiece after those teams' impressive wins over Baltimore and New England, respectively.

Fox's comment: "... the Falcons are feeling pretty good about themselves after scorching the Niners' defense with 45 points and almost 500 yards. lending hope that this new-look offense is prepared to dominate as the season progresses."

Third Down

Yahoo! Sports also ranks the Falcons tenth. The comment: "When John Abraham told his fellow defensive linemen to 'man up' last week, who knew he had unearthed the Biermann?"

And Out...

So there you have it. At the quarter pole, the Falcons are 3-1 -- so that they have the record of a playoff team but also the bearing of one by the way they have played. What do you make of these rankings? Do you think they are about right or would you rank the Birds higher or lower?

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