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Thomas Dimitroff outlines plan for how Falcons will approach free agency and NFL Draft

ATLANTA, Ga. – With free agency just a few weeks away, Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff is hard at work on his evaluations of both pro personnel and college.


Because for the Falcons, free agency and the draft go hand in hand.


Having a complete draft evaluation at this point in the process is key because based on what Dimitroff and his staff deem as the strengths and weaknesses of the draft class, that helps guide personnel decisions the team will make in free agency.

"We are about juxtaposing," Dimitroff said. "Where do we want to spend our money? Well if we feel in the draft, position A, B, and C is very strong, usually it's not of really good value to spend money in positions A, B and C in free agency. We take a lot of time to discuss where we are in the pro [personnel] as it compares to college."

With the NFL Combine taking place this week and free agency just a few weeks away, these next couple of weeks are crucial as Dimitroff and head coach Dan Quinn continue to try and improve their roster.

A roster that is full of talent across the board and a group of young talent that continues to develop.

"We are in a very good spot with our roster," Dimitroff said. "I think we have no real holes across our roster. I think we'll continue to build our depth and continue to get youth in certain areas that I think will benefit us in years to come."

Although Dimitroff and Quinn consider all options in their plan to build the best team they can, the emphasis remains on re-signing their current players.

"We like our roster a lot, we want to have our players be re-signed because we know what are players are and we know they stand for what Dan Quinn as a head coach and our staff stands for."

Kicker Matt Bryant, defensive tackle Dontari Poe, defensive end Adrian Clayborn, wide receiver Taylor Gabriel are a few of the current Falcons who are set to become unrestricted free agents at the start of the new league year on March 14 at 4 p.m.

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