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This Year's Falcons The Best McClure's Seen


Todd McClure has never seen 5-0 before. It's just his second time at 4-0 in his 14-year career, all with the Falcons. It's just the third time in franchise history they've started unbeaten through the first four games of the season, 2004 and 1986 being the other seasons.

When asked if the players in the locker room talk about their undefeated start that has everyone in the NFL discussing the Falcons as one of the best teams in the NFL right now, he says of course they talk about being 5-0, but only because most of them have never been there before.

He allows himself a moment to look beyond what a 5-0 start would mean. He explains that it's that much closer –and quicker – to a win total that gets them where they want to be: playing late into January. But then he stops himself and reminds everyone that he's getting way ahead of himself.

"It's the fifth win, the start of the second quarter," he says, closing his thought. "It's an important game."

McClure has seen the playoffs, including a trip to the NFC Championship during the 2004 season, but this team, he feels is the best he's played on and it goes beyond talent on the field.

"By far (the best team)," he said. "Just the chemistry and the playmakers we have, there's no question."

It's a strong statemet to make considering the 2010 team was 13-3, but this year's Falcons are playing with a confidence some in the fanbase have never seen before.

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