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The Big Reveal


*Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Sara D. is blogging her experiences this weekend during the annual Falcons Cheerleader Retreat. During the retreat, the ladies will learn some routines and, more importantly, all that goes into being an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader *

Friday night was one of the most exciting, fun nights of the AFC retreat. This is the night where the whole team really gets to meet each other. Sure, we know each other in passing, maybe each other's names, but it still feels like a separation between veterans and rookies. The first night is when we break the ice, find out new things about one another and really introduce ourselves.

We got started with an activity where everyone did the usual things: say your name, hometown, college you went to and career.

The twist? We had to do certain actions corresponding with the letter our names start with. For example, the girls whose names start with E had to perform a scene from their favorite movie (in this case, we got a fabulous rendition of a scene from the movie Mean Girls).

Or take the J's — they had to sing a line from their favorite song (choosing a Spice Girls song was pretty spectacular!). As for me, since my name starts with S, I had to give a favorite childhood memory. I thought back to going to dance competitions as a kid and the fun I had with all my friends.

Once the introductions were done, the exciting part came — finding out whose line we were in!

Our four captains this year - Zorah, Brandy, Margaret, and Shamea- were introduced to their lines. It is so fun seeing everyone react, and to really know where you'll be at for the season!

We shared an emotional moment of realizing that we are all so lucky to be in the position we are and this is the beginning of a truly wonderful season. This experience is like no other, and this year will be the best yet!

Get ready for more great things from AFC, and keep your eye on as we put up more pictures, video, and of course, blogging, from our 2011 Retreat!

As always, you can follow me on Twitter @AFCSara or find me on Facebook.



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