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Synergy Among Falcons Staffs Starts at the Top

The 2015 NFL Scouting Combine week is nearing its end, with on-field workouts wrapping up Monday. Falcons head coach Dan Quinn and general manager Thomas Dimitroff have continually been working with their respective staffs and collaborating as a collective group, ensuring everyone involved makes the most of the talent-evaluating trip.

The Falcons' plan of attack for the NFL Combine began weeks ago as Quinn, his coordinators, Dimitroff, assistant general manager Scott Pioli and the scouting staff thoroughly discussed the team's new scheme, its nuances, as well as which players are the best fit for the overall plan in 2015 and beyond. The Falcons brass left its collaborative meeting after accomplishing much, including the overwhelming plan for this entire new regime.

"We're very focused on making sure there's a synergy between coaching and personnel (staffs)," Dimitroff said. "(That's) vital for us moving forward. One of the things we talked a lot about, prior to even hiring Dan was the idea of making this as much of an equal-partnership setting between a head coach and a general manager with (Falcons Owner and Chairman) Arthur (Blank) obviously being at the top of the structure.

"As Arthur has mentioned respectfully and appropriately, he will be involved, but as he provides the keys to the football operations side of the building, he's going to expect Dan and myself to make the decisions as per personnel, 53-man (roster), drafting, free agency, trades and everything else that is sort of under the football operations umbrella." 

Accomplishing a strong bond and chemistry between the team's coaching and personnel staffs didn't take long, starting first with Quinn and Dimitroff. During his introductory press conference as the Falcons 16th head coach in franchise history, Quinn acknowledged Dimitroff as the guy he connected with right away.

Since the ink dried on Quinn's new contract, his contagious passion and energy continue to motivate Dimitroff, who praises the new head coach for being a very adept football man, who has a really good understanding of evaluating personnel. Dimitroff is driven to help provide Quinn with all the necessary tools he needs to succeed.

"I think with us as a personnel staff, myself, Scott Pioli, the rest of our scouting staff to be able to work with Dan and provide him all the information he needs in the very end, when it comes down to cutting that team, we will be doing it together," Dimitroff said. "I have no doubt in my mind, it's going to be a very, very collaborative effort. I think it's going to be a very smooth understanding, and in the end, the head coach, his responsibility to make sure he knows, given the nuances of his scheme, what he actually wants is vital to the success of a football team."

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