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Sticking With the Falcons


Okay, I admit it. I spent most of the week figuring out every way possible the Falcons will win in Sunday night's game against the Eagles.

I did a lot of reading, but I wasn't listening to much about who would actually win.

It's a toss up out there on who the analysts think will win Week 1's marque game. Then I saw the picks from ESPN.

Of the 10 panelists picking games, eight picked the Falcons. That was alarming to me considering Ron Jaworski, Mr. Eagle in a lot of people's eyes, picked Atlanta. Mike Golic, another former Eagle, picked the Falcons and his tendency last season to pick them wasn't so hot.

So after that, I had to consider what everybody's favorite football guy, Peter King, he of the picking the Falcons to win the Super Bowl after picking the Packers to win it last year. Yeah, that guy. Let's see what he had to say.

King's got the Falcons winning 23-17. He calls it "a backs-against-the wall game for Atlanta" and cites Michael Turner and John Abraham as the keys in the win.

What does it all mean? I think it shows that the people paid to know as much as they can about football think the Falcons are a good pick here on Sunday. Not because it's an upset special, but because the Falcons, in their eyes, are a good football team.

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