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Starr Expecting to Impact the Falcons in 2015

The Falcons' 2016 roster is constantly evolving and we've amassed all the players in one gallery that will be updated throughout the year

Falcons linebacker Tyler Starr is hungry. Although getting a taste of the NFL as a rookie in 2014, selected as the team's second seventh-round draft pick (255th overall), the overall experience was more of an appetizer.

The hard work put in by Starr in college at South Dakota, where he was named the Missouri Valley Conference Defensive Player of the Year in 2013, only increased his desire to play even better at the next level. Hearing his named announced during last year's draft was a thrill but nowhere near satiated his long-term goal of thriving in the league.

Starr's hard work in 2014 was rewarded after training camp, earning a roster spot, however, he wasn't placed on the club's weekly 46-player active list for any regular season game. Still practicing every week like he was going to play, Starr hopes similar efforts this year will impress the new coaching staff, headed by Dan Quinn. "I have to go out there and do what I can to show the new coaches that they kept me around for a reason and that I can perform in this league and that I'm not only good enough to be here, but good enough to make an impact," Starr told the Sioux City Journal

All of the changes to the team's coaching staff and roster this offseason give Starr the feeling of a fresh start, only this time he's now better equipped to excel after being thrown into the mix in 2014.

The second-year linebacker was introduced to Quinn this offseason and is ready to do whatever is asked by each of his coaches, ideally exceeding his potential as a player, just as Quinn likes.

"I'm looking forward to being able to grab the bull by the horns," Starr said.

"This is the top level of football, something I enjoy doing and hope to do for many years to come. I just have to continue to strive to be the best I can be at it. I'm going to make an impact in the league. I didn't get this far not to."

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