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Snow Doesn't Stop Falcons' Practice Plans


Monday's start of preparation for the Green Bay Packers was unique. The Falcons had scheduled a brief walk-through for Monday morning, but Mother Nature tried her best to thwart those plans.

A winter storm came through Atlanta on Monday night and brought with it several inches of snow and freezing rain. People in the affected areas were advised to stay home and off the roads Monday, but the Falcons have an NFC divisional round game to prepare for.

The team kept with its plans Monday, holding a walk-through and meetings as scheduled. Two players, however, didn't make it in due to the weather. Head coach Mike Smith said he tried to send someone out to get those players, but some roads were closed.

Defensive end John Abraham tweeted early Monday morning that he was having a hard time getting to the Falcons' training facility in Flowery Branch. After getting a ride to the facility, Abraham tweeted that the car he was a passenger in skidded off the road. Neither Abraham nor the driver were hurt.

Fellow DE came to the rescue with his truck and towed the car Abraham was riding in out of the ditch.

"We had one of our guys go out there and pull him out of a ditch," Smith said. "We got Abe here. Triple-A wasn't running, but one of our guys was able to go out and pick him up."

Smith said that players were going to be sent home after meeting wrapped up and that the Falcons would not be utilizing their on-site dormitory rooms to keep players at the facility and off the roads.

The Falcons have their first game-planning practice of the week Tuesday.

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