Seven Things About Cheerleader Jasmine C.

  1. I'm recently engaged.
  1. My favorite food: I absolutely love hot wings. They have to be specific. They have to be swimming, drenched, so then if I get celery I can dip the sauce. They have to be swimming or I'll be pretty upset.
  1. I have three dogs. One is a poodle. He's 15 — his name is Cody. I have a yorkie named Bailey. I have a boxer — he's turning two, his name is Ali. He's really active.
  1. I love to scrapbook. I keep all of our Falcons passes, credentials, pictures, everything. I talked to an alum and I'm going to shadow box my uniform.
  1. I love to travel. I've been to Mexico. I've been to Japan. I've been to basically everywhere in the United States. Some of my family is from Panama so I'm trying to go visit there some time soon. And I'll go somewhere for my honeymoon.
  1. I studied abroad in Spain when I was in high school. We went over there and we did an emersion program and stayed with a Spanish family. It was one of the best things ever. I can have a few conversations (in Spanish).
  1. I am one of the founding students for the Atlanta Girls' School. I went to an all-girls school for middle school and high school. I was a founding student in middle school and just continued after middle school. It's the first girls' school in Atlanta.

For more information about Jasmine, check out her [bio page]( C./42951ef4-a13f-4d9b-9319-aa862e143b10).

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