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Sanders vs. Case


The Fans' Favorite Falcon series, presented by Ford, rolls on with our next matchup.

How do you decide between No. 3 Deion Sanders vs. No. 14 Scott Case?

Deion Sanders

He is arguably the greatest cornerback to ever play the game, and he got his start with five tremendous seasons with the Falcons. Deion Sanders was drafted in 1989 and almost immediately became the PrimeTime icon we know him as today. Sanders earned Pro Bowl bids in 1991, 92 and 93 before leaving for San Francisco in 1994. During 1992, Sanders high-stepped his way to 1,067 kick return yards and two touchdowns. Defensively, Sanders perhaps electrified even more, hauling in 24 interceptions in his five seasons with the Falcons — three four touchdowns. Off the field, Sanders was as flashy a personality as you'll find in professional sports, which gave him that added edge as a fan favorite.

Scott Case

In stark contrast to Deion Sanders was Scott Case, who didn't so much electrify as terrify. Case was one mean safety/cornerback who wasn't afraid to dole out some punishment to wide receivers who dared to cross him. Case could play every position in the secondary, but earned a Pro Bowl bid in 1988 at right cornerback before Sanders was drafted. That year, Case took in 10 interceptions at the position Sanders would eventually assume. Case was a no-nonsense type of player — a quality that endeared him to fans as much as Deion's flashiness. Case played 12 seasons in the NFL — 11 with the Falcons before spending a year in Dallas to finish his career.

The Matchup

These two are about as opposite as you'll find. Sanders earned the nickname "Neon," and then eventually "PrimeTime," for a combination of rare athletic ability and dynamic personality. Case didn't need nicknames. He was just tough and effective. The big difference here is that Sanders could take a defensive play and turn it into points. Every time he got his hands on a ball, a touchdown was more than just a possibility. While Case didn't exhibit the same quality, he was as tough of a defensive back as you'll find. They don't make many like him anymore, which makes him that much more special.

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