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Sanders' Score Negated By Strange Circumstances


In the first quarter, a strange set of circumstances took place that took seven points away from the Falcons.

On third down deep in the Falcons' end, rookie quarterback TJ Yates was pressured by John Abraham and Vance Walker, who caused a fumble on the play. Many on the field thought it was an incomplete pass, however, and began to come off the field. Players also started coming onto the field for the fourth down.

Falcons safety James Sanders, however, didn't hear a whistle, picked up the loose ball and ran it some 70 yards for a signaled touchdown. However, because players came onto the field during the play, the play was ruled dead at the spot where players began entering the field of play.

The Falcons took over at their own 35 instead of getting the TD. Three plays later, Matt Ryan was picked off to end the drive.

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