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Ryan Starts Improvement With Man in the Mirror

Matt Ryan's growing pains in the Falcons' offense were well-documented in 2015.

The first order of business for the quarterback during the offseason was to identify the main culprit of his mistakes. Ryan found the inefficiencies came from a lack of comfort with the technique in the new system.

Committed to finding new ways to master the nuances of the offense, Ryan found a benefit from an object that most of us use on a daily basis to help him improve his footwork.

"Simple things like getting in front of a mirror, trying to get your feet into position to be able to drive the ball the way we want to and the timing of the play," Ryan said when asked how he worked to improve his comfort level with the system.

Working in front of a mirror helps Ryan watch his feet closely, making sure everything is aligned properly while he practices different drops and continues to master the timing.

Now, with a full season of learning from miscues under his belt, along with an offseason of watching his footwork and technique closely, Ryan is poised to attack the upcoming season with confidence after taking a good, hard look in the mirror.

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