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Ryan, Jones Reflect on Navy SEALs Training

In case you missed the video last week or want more information on the Falcons experiencing APG training, here's a chance to learn a little bit more about the week of intense workouts.

• Head coach Dan Quinn kept the workouts a secret until that morning when he told both his coaching staff and the players.

• Director of sports medicine and performance Marty Lauzon and GM Thomas Dimitroff came up with the idea and presented it to Quinn.

• The retired SEALS workout directly correlates to football in that it's all about how one performs under pressure. "That part of it pertains to football," Julio Jones said of the workouts. "When you are on the field and you are tired and fatigued what are you going to do? Are you going to let your brothers down?"

• Classroom sessions were also included to show just how important mental strength is in addition to pure physical strength in the game of football. "The bravery that they have and their discipline and attention to detail, to me it was eye opening," Matt Ryan said of his experience.

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