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Ryan Credits Offseason For Increased Mobility


Matt Ryan's mobility won't keep defensive coordinators up at night, but this season he's at least giving them something to think about.

Through two games this year he's rushed for 44 yards, not huge numbers but enough to establish a pace that would shatter the rushing yards he's posted in his first four seasons. His 352 yards over 2012 would top the 122 he earned during the 2010 season. 

Against the Chiefs in Week 1, he rushed for a touchdown to add to his three TD passes.

During the offseason, Ryan worked to improve some of his athleticism, and being a little more mobile was a priority and it's showing early this year.

"I feel good, worked hard in the offseason to try and improve a little bit in that area," Ryan said on Wednesday. "It's early in the season, guys are fresh, I'm healthy and I think that helps."

Ryan's been looking to run when plays break down this season and extend drives. One of his runs against the Broncos earned seven yards and a first down. It came on third down and allowed the Falcons to live to see another down.

He's quick to point out that his scrambling isn't by design and he's not looking to run first, so don't expect him to lead the team in rushing any time soon.

"Sometimes it's just the way a play present itself," he said. "It just so happens it's been a lot early on. I think I'm getting it done when I need to, but I'm certainly a passer first."

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