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Ryan Atop Arms Race

4cb21440b6973d3774230000.jpg analysts have certainly seen a lot of football, and if there was one group I'd trust to vote on something like who is the best young quarterback, it'd be this crew.

The analysts weren't unanimous, but Falcons quarterback came out on top of their list, beating out St. Louis QB Sam Bradford and Tampa Bay QB Josh Freeman.

Said Bucky Brooks: "(Ryan) has the game and intangibles to thrive as the leader of any franchise. I love the way that he has been an integral part of the Falcons' revival following the Michael Vick saga. Ryan's maturity and leadership have been on display since he stepped into the huddle as a rookie, and the team has won at a high level under his direction. I doubt many others would have been able to handle such a tough situation with the grace and elegance that Ryan has showed."

And this from Steve Wyche: "Matt Ryan and Mark Sanchez have been to the playoffs and Josh Freeman is definitely a rising star, but it's hard not to look at Sam Bradford. What Bradford did last season in St. Louis, with so few weapons, it's easy to think this guy is going to be great for a long time. Even so, I'd still have to go with Ryan. Ok, he hasn't won a playoff game. However, he's won games with clutch drives and big plays to get his team to the playoffs. More than his ability and poise, what sets him apart is how his teammates follow him. They play hard for him at all times and respect how he leads. While Bradford has the same type of impact, Ryan just seems to have more of the intangibles that will work over a sustained period."

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